Throwback Thursday to July 2011

New foal run in extreme heat, Triple B 2011

New foal run in extreme heat, Triple B 2011

Social media has created a bit of a phenom called “Throwback Thursday.” It used to be that you would post something that happened on the same day, but years ago. Now it seems it’s anything that happened in the past.

We want to take you back to this week… 2011. In 2011 the roundup machine was in full swing. During this same week in 2011 WHE had just witnessed the Kiger/Riddle, ran into Sheldon, chased a “trespass” roundup that was unannounced, went back into Sheldon as a roundup was rumored and then left for Triple B.

A post published “It’s Sunday, I think” became a joke among BLM employees and Laura Leigh, founder of WHE. When you are at a roundup or on the range days of the week don’t have the same meaning they do for others. You are working every day and it all blends together.

Riddle mares and foals

Riddle mares and foals

After this post Leigh went on a grueling 40 day marathon of observation in Ely/Elko at Triple B and all night drives to Reno to prepare documents for court. That case gave us the first Temporary Restraining Order in the history of the Act to conduct.

Many people have enjoyed reading pieces of Leigh’s personal notebook, this is one of them on “roundups.”

“First you document and try to address issues through conversation. If that doesn’t work you begin to create a different kind of timeline for the court every day knowing what might be coming. You do it no matter how tired you are because you know you will need the documentation fast if you can actually get what you need and get it into court. Then you have to catch what is wrong, not what you know is wrong, but what can be seen as clear as day so a court can rule (otherwise BLM discretion over rides everything). You have to do this playing the game of access. Then you have to create declarations that you attach to documentation. After that you build a case around it… arguing with everyone that says you can’t. You show them how you can (while everyone complains that you are ‘too head strong’ or ‘rough around the edges’). Then you race to find the resources to cover the costs (cause no one is as crazy as you are to do this for nothing). Then you argue some more with those that say ‘you can’t,’ and you say just ‘do it,’ with a few other words attached. Then you go to court… then all those you argued with are happy with the decision and you go cry and pass out because you know it’s not enough and you will have to do it again. Then you get up and do it again… because you can’t just not do it while babies are run until their feet literally begin to fall off…”

From the personal notes of Laura Leigh during the “100,000 mile year.”

JULY 17, 2011

Sunday, I think

When you spend as much time on the road as I do, days of the week become irrelevant. Each day is the same.

Driving, documenting and trying to find internet anywhere long enough to get information out. Trying to get all the documents read that I need to review and get back out to others. Trying to finish reports and articles and get the data from each roundup and survey logged.

Trying to get the grit out of my teeth.

The layers of road dirt inside and out of my truck are like the rings on a tree. I can see my fingerprints from past journeys that cut through a layer to be partially covered by the next… the ones from past journeys harder to see than the newer ones. I never stay still long enough… do not have a place to unload and clean the truck to remove the signs of travel. And in the “spend energy on this task” department, it’s not high on the list.

The comments on Calico are due tomorrow. I sent out a fast version a few weeks ago that was published in a “click and send” on another site… but will add my comments in a pdf to WHE later tonight.

I will get the “report” up on the Kiger/Riddle into the WHE archive later tonight.

But it’s Sunday, I think…

I remembered to call my mom and kids… to let then know that I haven’t been bitten by a rattlesnake, broken down in the desert or wandering, having forgotten my name from sunstroke… yet.

You all know I have a long history with the now titled “Tri-State Calico Complex.” I have been out documenting what I can find… and it’s breaking my heart. Sheldon is now part of that Complex but nothing has changed. The horses are still being secretly rounded up and the fertility experiments are happening as the horses disappear likely to slaughter.

… but for “Sunday”  post something to make you smile.

I played “hide-and-seek” with a marmot… I let him believe he won.

Sheldon 2011

Sheldon 2011

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