Deranged War, Update

Wild horses, the only target ranchers ever open fire on.

Wild horses, the only target ranchers ever open fire on.

Just hours ago The Spectrum, an online newspaper from Utah, published an update in the “Range war” brewing in Nevada’s Clark County.

“Iron County Commissioners and Sheriff Mark Gower warned that any action taken by the BLM to gather and confiscate Bundy’s cattle currently grazing on Clark County public lands would warrant Iron County to begin immediately taking steps to reduce the number of feral horses in Southern Utah.”

Screen grab of BLM map showing Iron County wild horse areas (HMAs) in Utah

Screen grab of BLM map showing Iron County wild horse areas (HMAs) in Utah

“… orders will be given to the Iron County Sheriff, deputies and other authorized agents to take necessary means to reduce the numbers of feral horses . . . This is not a threat. This is a plan of action,”

Iron County is 85 miles away in another state.


Map from the LA times

Clive Bundy has illegally grazed the Bunkerville Allotment and more recently his cattle have moved into the Gold Butte area. On July 9th of 2013 the federal courts gave Bundy 45 days to remove his cattle.

The wild horses the Iron County Commission has threatened are 85 miles away in Utah.

Range war, it’s more like deranged. A man that has been illegally grazing cattle on America’s public land for two decades, has lost his battles in federal court is now going to have his ‘supporters’ reduce horses on FEDERAL land in another state in retaliation for making him follow the law?


The Nevada Constitution recognizes federal jurisdiction on federal land. Yet Bundy fails to recognize that jurisdiction and even claims that the federal courts have no jurisdiction. Last week Bundy sent a notice of “Range War” to Governor Sandoval and the Clark county sheriff.

Public-lands ranching produces less than 5 percent of the nation’s beef. Yet it monopolizes 252 million acres supposedly managed for “multiple use” by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). (audubon, “Sacred Cows”:

According to the General Accounting Office,10 federal agencies lost $123 million administering grazing in fiscal 2004.

The recently released Department of Interior Fiscal Year 2012 Economic Report shows that Grazing on BLM Public Lands Accounts for only 0.41% of the nation’s livestock receipts and only 17,000 jobs nationally. In contrast, recreation accounts for 372,000 jobs and contributes $45 billion to the economy. (One casino in Las Vegas can easily create 17,000 jobs).

And then there are people like Bundy. They pay no fees and destroy public land. His claim to the land is that his ancestors grazed it therefore it’s his. (I think there were residents there prior to Bundy’s ancestors. Using Bundy’s logic the native American community should evict every single one of us).

Maybe it’s time the federal government “gather up” the “overpopulation” of welfare ranchers and give America’s public land back to the American public?


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6 thoughts on “Deranged War, Update

  1. This just shows the ignorance that has been going on all over our western lands,, always blaming the horses, even the BLM in cohorts with the cattle, but NOW the table has turned hasn’t it… HA they all deserve each other,, GET the cattle OFF OUR LANDS, give the horses THEIR LAND BACK!!!!!! SICK of this CRAP!!!!!! You know what angers me even more is there is plenty of land for everyone, but no the cattlemen have to have it ALL… WELL, they have been cutting their own throats as more and more people are not eating beef for their stance of horse slaughter, and trying to kill of all the Wild Mustangs… I pray one of these days all involved will get what they deserve, and it looks like it might be coming soon for this bunch anyway,

  2. I’m wondering at what point, some cattlemen got the impression that federal land was their own private feed lot. This is public land and the mustangs belong on the land. The land exists for all the taxpayers and all the wildlife that exists on it. Cattle are not wildlife. They are an invasive species and their split hooves do a remarkable amount of damage to the land. Get the welfare cattlemen off our public lands. There should be federal employees on this land protecting our wild mustangs and taking anyone to jail who is dumb enough to think they can take the law into their own hands. I would also suggest a policy of seizing fifty head of cattle from any rancher who tries to shoot a mustang, send the cattle to auction and let the proceeds fund the protection of these mustang herds. Shooting a mustang needs to be followed by swift and significant financial and legal action against the perpetrator, and such cases must be heard out of this county.

  3. I agree with Lynn O. Also Charge the Ranchers who are grazing on OUR PUBLIC Lands! Fine them for every head of cattle for every day they are on OUR LAND! LEAVE OUR HORSES ALONE!!!!

  4. These welfare Ranchers need to pay us for grazing their cattle on our public land. Who the Hell do they think they are running their cattle on PUBLIC LAND FOR FREE ??? I do not give a damn how long he has grazed cattle on PUBLIC LAND. He needs to pay WE THE PEOPLE for using our land. He owes us back pay for all of the years that he did not pay us. LEAVE OUR HORSES ALONE. They have the right to be there and you so called ranchers do not. GET OFF OUR LAND AND LEAVE OUR HORSES ALONE.

  5. Can someone email me at & tell me if Bundy is in favor of Horse slaughter? How is it that he is being harassed by the BLM, who are the ones behind the illegal Wild Horse Round ups – so to get the BLM off his back, he threatens to have law enforcement friends in another county in another state round up MORE Wild Horses – how does this get so screwed up? IS Bundy a Welfare Rancher? So, is this a legitimate event, or is it being staged? While America is watching this, what’s the BLM doing to the Wild Horse at the same time in another location? Is he threatening to round up wild horses himself because its a money-making project for BLM, & this is his way of getting even?

  6. Lynn O, Seems A LOT of ranchers have a feeling of entitlement when it comes to PUBLIC LAND. And why wouldn’t they feel that way, they have basically been given free reign of it. They ONLY PAY $1.35 per cow and calf!! That’s it! It’s been the same since President Reagan was in office! I mean I understand they are supposed to be federally subsidized welfare ranchers, but this is absurd! They need to charge more for grazing rights and LIMIT them when drought situations occur. Limiting them so that the mustangs wouldn’t have to be rounded up. These ranchers can not take over the public lands or treat them like its their own and use it up as much as they want with no accountability. They also need to be held accountable if their cattle do damage, as Bundys cattle has done over the past 20 yrs. I’m sure there are some ranchers that play by the rules, but they seem to be few and far between. The fact is the land first and foremost belongs to the horses, any cattle grazing should just be done to the point that the horses are always safe. From EVERYTHING I have read, cattle do A LOT more damage to the ground than the horses would due to the makeup of their hooves. There needs to be more oversight all around the BLM has obviously NOT made good decisions for the mustangs by rounding up so many , the round ups themselves can be brutal with no regard for the welfare of the horses or the band family groups much less the poor foals, putting them in holding facilities- no wind breaks, spending MILLIONS and MILLIONS per year doing this. Not even going into how they’ve allowed mustangs to ship to slaughter! They’ve allowed the ranchers to push them around and feel too at home on the public land. I think the ranchers forget that grazing their cattle on public land is a privilege, a temporary right that is granted to them…temporary being the key word. It can be rescinded at any time, #’s cut back when deemed necessary in order to protect the animals that rightfully run free on that land- our beautiful mustangs. In what world do people go through without any accountability and nothing but entitlement, that’s NOT how the world works. For the Iron County Commissioner to threaten to remove mustangs from an area that is in a different state 85 miles away?! Talk about a good ‘ol boy system. So Bundy didn’t listen 20 yrs ago and cut back the # of cattle that were grazing, let them graze on 150 acres of PUBLIC land without paying and when he FINALLY gets called out on it and needs to remove the cattle- a commissioner from another state says at he WILL, not a threat, but will remove horses if Bundys cattle are touched?? That’s crazy town! But you let people think they own the town long enough, they think they can make the rules too.

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