Vote for T-shirt “I WILL Remember!”

Wild Horse Education is launching a campaign aimed at addressing the large number of seats that will be up for election in November 2014 in the House and Senate.

We are creating packets to send to officials in office and those running for election.

You can read about the campaign and sign onto the Pledge Against Abuse and the “Six Point Challenge” HERE>>>

Along with the packets we are creating t shirts and promo items for citizens to wear/carry into meetings and for purchase to support the printing costs of the packets.

Vote for your choice below! (T #2 is the least expensive to print as it is a “one color” item) Or if you have a design to submit for our use in this campaign email and put “design” in the subject line!

T #1

T #1

T #2

T #2

T #3

T #3

T #4

T #4

10 thoughts on “Vote for T-shirt “I WILL Remember!”

  1. I vote for T#1 bug without the color on the sleeves and around the neck…I love the combo of pictures and I think it would be powerful even with the photos in only black and white…

    • I will keep y’all posted. Trying to look for a “best” option right now to keep costs down. Working on packet contents as well. They will have a cd etc. All 100 seats are up in House and 48 in Senate.

  2. They are all great! My vote goes to number 3. The only thing that worries me about number 1 is that some people might find it very disturbing. Otherwise, very nice shirts!😉

  3. I see right now 33% of the votes are for #1. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a bloody t-shirt. Would go with any of the others.

  4. This might be a stretch, and I don’t know how much background you have to work with…but is there any way you can make the “cut out” on T#3 in the shape of the United States? Maybe it wouldn’t work, but just a thought. How would that look in B&W (for cost)…and do you think a long sleeve T-shirt (like the WHE T with the Act on the back) would be more universally acceptable? Short sleeve Ts are super casual, but a L/S can be dressed up with slacks and a jacket for the meetings you mention.
    PS – remind me to tell you a funny story about that Act shirt, and Oklahoma City!
    XOX, my Friend.

  5. Love them all, nice work…These sad images will wake up those unaware.. wish your name WHE.Org was a bit bigger..Well done!!!!

    • : ) It’s not about us. Need to tag it because of copyright issues but I want the Representatives to get the idea that “people” will remember wild horses when they go to the polls. We don’t have the expensive lobbyists… but we do have numbers.

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