Wild Horse Sunday “Newspaper”

BLM photo from 2010 roundup. No photo gallery or videos have been provided by BLM of 2013 operation


The BLM wild horse roundup of Adobe Town/ Salt Wells concluded this past week with 668 animals rounded up. 79 horses were returned to the range after 40 mares were treated with PZP. 3 horses died in the operation. No vet reports are online that explain the circumstances of animal deaths. Captured horses were taken to the Rock Springs holding facility.

Observers reported that temperatures regularly dipped well below freezing during operations.

BLM estimates that 851 wild horses will remain in the HMA after using fertility control on 40 individuals. No reports on when BLM expects the next roundup to take place.

Water haul for cattle during drought in overgrazed area of Nevada

Water haul for cattle during drought in overgrazed area of Nevada


There are two immediately pending public land policy issues that will likely find wild horses and burros in the scapegoat position once again. As wild horse and burro herds dwindle, exist in herds that contain fragmented genetic viability and pathetically low allotments of forage on public land, proposed policies continue to threaten wild horse and burro populations on America’s public land.

Now we have proposed policy to protect sage grouse and the pending Grazing Improvement Act to further weaken any laws intended to protect America’s wild horses.

READ About the Draft EIS that needs public comment to Sage Grouse Management and the Grazing Improvement Act heading for a vote in the Senate HERE: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/12/05/massive-public-land-policy-in-the-making/

Wild Horse Education will have sample comments posted later today.

Weather Chanel Temperature Map at 10:15 am PT


Temperatures around the country continue to be unseasonably cold. Wild horses and burro in the wild have natural mechanisms to stay warm including continual grazing, movement, canyons etc. In captivity wild horses are subject to daily feedings and frozen water lines.

Wild Horse Education Sunday News “weather anchor,” Cathy Ceci, put together a chart to show low temperatures at some of the BLM holding facilities. “We continue to be concerned about our horses and burros in holding,” states Cathy, “Lack of windbreaks, frozen water lines and unnatural feeding can lead to devastating consequences. We are watching facility reports and the weather and will keep you up to date.”

Thank you Cathy

Chart by "weather anchor" Cathy Ceci


New life at PVC

New life at PVC

On December 3rd the case that has been up and down the courts attempting to gain transparency in the BLM wild horse and burro program to roundups and “off limits” facilities was heard.

“We need this ruling to stand as a precedent to access to our wild horses and burros throughout the West,” stated Leigh “We have complied with all protocol and requests in this process and after three and a half years await the ruling of the Ninth Circuit court. I pray that soon we will have access to tell the story of today’s American wild horse, the real story. The only way to tell that story is to witness it. If you can not witness then the story becomes about the struggle to witness, not about the wild horse itself.”

The case awaits a ruling.

Read more here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/12/03/ninth-circuit-hearing-on-access-to-wild-horses/

Baby driven to exhaustion at Owyhee

Baby driven to exhaustion at Owyhee


One year ago the first phase of the Owyhee Complex roundup had ended. That first phase brought an intense clash with BLM and advocates over treatment of horses. In January when the roundup resumed with no changes to protocol it resulted in a lawsuit (still active) that garnered the BLM with specific language from the court about barbed wire, running foals to exhaustion and hotshot use in a Temporary Restraining Order.

Take a look back with us HERE as we tried to create the changes without litigation: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2012/12/11/take-action-stop-owyhee-now/

This summer BLM placed the Snowstorm (part of Owyhee) on the gather schedule and another legal motion was filed. BLM dropped Snowstorm from the schedule. http://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/08/19/wild-horse-roundup-suspended-after-legal-action-filed/


Every year wild horse education brings you “a year in review.” Our 2013 video is now in progress. Turn up the volume and listen to the year 2011! “I Wanna Run Free!”



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