Operation Sheldon

Sheldon horses removed on 9/11 of this year

Sheldon horses removed on 9/11 of this year

To honor our war horses of Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge we are addressing several areas of the “management” of Sheldon horses.

Letters can still be written to Nevada Congressman asking that they intervene and afford some protections to this historic Nevada Treasure. A Sample letter can be found at this link: https://wheblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/sheldon-plea/

Is he still wild and free?

Is he still wild and free?

We are starting a website devoted to information, background and updates on Sheldon horses that is just beginning but will be filled with content soon: http://sheldonhorses.wordpress.com/ We will be adding a “Stories From the Public” section and any submissions you would like to make about a trip to Sheldon, a Sheldon horse or burro, or even an historic or semi fictional account of a Sheldon going to war with our troops.

And of course we have the court actions that are still active for these horses. Briefs due on Monday and an evidentiary hearing on the tenth. http://wildhorseeducation.org Remember Sheldon plans one last roundup next year to take the last Sheldons. What we are fighting for is this year and next.

Wild Horse Education will be taking some of the Sheldon horses. At this juncture we do not know how many. We have made arrangements to accommodate as many as 250. We do not know if we will save 10 or 200 and will notify you as soon as we have details.

If you would like to help with “Operation Sheldon” please earmark donations “OS.” Send an email to confirm to SheldonAction@gmail.com and we will place you on the list of “Team” members to receive special alerts.

Please Help us with "Operation Sheldon"

Please Help us with “Operation Sheldon”