Massacre Lakes: Comments needed

copyright photo Laura Leigh

copyright photo Laura Leigh

Sample Comments by Bonnie Kohleriter



DUE:               SEPTEMBER 27, 2013





This unique herd of 160-180 horses has not been gathered since 1988. Through self-regulation it has maintained its viability living primarily in the northern part of its HMA of 39,888 acres in No. Nevada though managed by California.  This herd is invaluable for research purposes  having been relatively untouched. 

Alternative 1 preferred by the BLM would reduce this herd to an AML  of 25-45. This AML number is unacceptable.  Dr. Cothran, the retained geneticist for the BLM, has stated again and again a minimum of 100-150 is needed to maintain diversity and viability and to avoid inbreeding and crashing.  Alternative 4 suggested by horse advocate, Carla Bower, would provide for an AML of 100-121.

To compensate for the low AML suggested in Alternative 1 the BLM says it will combine the HMAs of Bitner, Nut Mtn., Wall Canyon, and Massacre Lakes in a complex to have an AML of 85-150. However, there is no scientific basis that shows these horses interact with Massacre horses. 

The HMA boundaries is the only place where these horses can be unlike cattle.  Wild horses can only be within 27 million acres of public land sharing with cattle and wildlife whereas cattle can be on 157 million acres.  These horses in healthy numbers need to be within this HMA.

In comparing Alternative 1 to Alternative 4 the impact to cattle grazing appears minimal.  Turn-out date for cattle would be the same, and 450 cattle in both alternatives would be permitted.  150 cattle would not be permitted from 5-15 to 5-29, a short period, and the end date for the turn-out of 450 cattle would be shortened by only a month. 

Improvements for cattle, wildlife, and the rangelands have been suggested in the EA, but improvements to benefit horses, cattle, wildlife and the rangelands could be done as well.

Alternative 4 would more surely provide for HEALTHY HORSES on healthy rangelands and minimalize the harm to cattle who are on our public land by privilege. 

ALERT by Carla Bowers

California’s Massacre Lakes Wild Horses Need Your Comments by Friday, 9/27/13
General background info:  The BLM Surprise Field Office in Cedarville, CA, has an environmental assessment out for public comment regarding setting wild horse AMLs & livestock numbers in the Massacre Lakes HMA. They want to gut the herd down to 25 from about 160-180 & set the AML at 25-45 while maintaining taxpayer subsidized livestock grazing of 450 cow/calf pairs with a forage allocation from 3 to 6 times more than that allocated for the horses. This is our chance to be at the table to set higher AMLs for the horses that will sustain them long-term as mandated by the 1971 Act.
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Subject:  Massacre Lakes EA, DOI-BLM-CAN070-2013-0021-EA
•  I support Alternative 4 in the Massacre Lakes EA that will set the AML for the wild horses at 100-121 animals & reduce livestock numbers so that the forage allocations are more in balance with wild horse & livestock use in the limited size, legal HMA. This allocation follows the original intent of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act.
•  I support the herd being preserved for scientific research studies since it is one of the last herds in the ten Western states to be non-manipulated since 1988.
•  I support the herd being managed as an individual herd, not as part of a ‘complex’ with nearby HMAs, to preserve its integrity for scientific research.
•  I support the herd being managed in family units to preserve its most natural state if animals need to be removed by water/bait trapping to obtain the AML of 100-121.
•  I expect the wild horses & burros to be managed in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the American people, not in accordance with the demands of the taxpayer subsidized industries that use my public lands for personal gain.
Thank you for your serious consideration of choosing Alternative 4 as the Proposed Action, not Alternative 1.
(Name, address)
Submit comments directly no later than Sept. 27, 2013 to:
Mail:  Bureau of Land Management
Surprise Field Office,
PO Box 460
Cedarville, CA 96104
For questions or more information, please contact the Surprise Field Office at (530) 279-6101. Email requests should be sent to
More info:
Direct link to Massacre Lakes EA (click on the .pdf version):

25 thoughts on “Massacre Lakes: Comments needed

  1. Please leave these horses alone. If you take from these horses you will be destroying a viable and diverse herd. To decrease their numbers would damage the breeding of this herd, would lead to much inbreeding. The few horses that are in this herd need to be left alone.
    Cattle are the problem! there is no reason that cattle should be allowed to be on government land. They are the over grazers and destroyers of the land and water, and that does not make beef any cheaper for the consumer, all though they graze on our land.
    It is time that the blm gets there act together. Number one they have on sense about horses or burros. The amount of acreage for the cattle needs to be largely decreased and the acreage for the horses needs to be increased now.
    Make a wise decision and LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE.


  2. Great subject matter with stats that demand some comments! What do you think stood out most about this article? Garry

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  3. Notice the MANY antelope in the lower portion of this photo. Don’t let them get away with this. Send solid comments by 9/27/13

  4. These horses are a living reminder of our past heritage….they BELONG out there on our public lands and they DESERVE no less than to be left alone to live out their lives in peace and with freedom.

  5. If this herd has managed until this year, having not been ‘managed’ since 1988, I don’t really see why it’s being attended to at all? I am at a loss.. is it because it does work and is sustainable, and someone got bored sat in an office somewhere? What is option 2 and 3? I can only hope it’s; 2. Leave well enough alone and get a life, or 3. Find another way to satisfy my feelings of inferiority, instead of exercising my need for power, by killing horses.
    Who has an interest in this herd and what is their motive for the changes? Why has someone been instructed to change the makeup of this herd? If they are doing no harm, interferreing with no one, why are they even on anyone’s radar?

  6. This is another injustice to Wild Horses and the BLM needs to be stopped and put in their place, the BLM needs to be extinct not the Horses!!!!!

  7. Genocide is the extermination of an innocent species. If you want to stop the round up of our mustangs, our freedoms, if you want to help stop the genocide, boycott beef. BLM is beef! =

  8. REMOVE THE COWS AND SHEEP. If they want to be ranchers, fine let them get their own land. I do not want those bullies on public lands.

  9. STOP killing the Horses.. These wild Horses are in their home. Horses are part of Earth… Stop the BLM from the roundups. Heritage breeds MUST be protected !!!!

  10. When will this massive horse elimination end? So many have spoken against it, but no one hears us! Get the welfare cattle off the ranges and let the horses be! PLEASE HEAR US!

  11. This need to stop now and forever!!! Leave well alone. Find other things to do with our tax money but we will not support the killing of these beautiful creatures.

  12. why would u want to murder these absolutely beautiful horses…they have more right to be on this earth than we do….what makes u people think that u are more deserving of this land and all it has to offer and murder these poor horses…it is so wrong…and god will punish each and every one of you for what u are doing….so heartless, cruel and wrong….

  13. I have had enough of the BLM who are known liars and bullies ruining what little we have left of these wild horses. Who works for this despicable agency besides horse haters, greedy ranchers, and slaughter advocates? All devil spawn right there. These haters need to get a real job and the govt needs to quit being pushed around by the rich, greedy cattlemen and oil companies. These horses, or any horse, never belongs in a slaughterhouse. We have a voice but nobody cares to listen to us! LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE YOU FILTHY SCUMBAGS

  14. Well ,,, we the People of the USA & beyond have been begging screaming HELP US ! For months .Are you serious BLM ? My God you are leading them to certain torture , Death by terrible means & Your statistics are being manipulated by BIG INTEREST groups Along with some dirty workers of your own ! !! WHY do you not got & look Yourselves ??? Also if you think It is OK to sell them for ten dollars per head BY THE TRUCK LOAD THEN I EMPLOY YOU TO GO TO A SLAUGHTER HOUSE START TO FINISH !!! Take your pick ,,, they do not even stun them in Mexico.How about the Kill Buyers that slice the horses eyes if they cry too loud ?? You sit in your MIGHTY SEAT talking about lineage ,was brought up just like you , but now in my life , I have seen all types of people !! You must be delusional ,,unless you are dirty employees as well

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