Sorry BLM, Have Heard Before

Reno BLM "brain storm" session with the public

Reno BLM “brain storm” session with the public

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) held a “worksop” of sorts to supposedly discuss shade in BLM holding facilities, namely Palomino Valley Center (PVC) that has been the subject of recent controversy.

“All those issues blew up a within a week to ten days. We want to try this out and let  the public see first hand and that we want to listen to them and our only hope is that it will be constructive and productive tonight.” — Debbie Collins, BLM Wild Horse Specialist

Anyone have a memory? In 2010 BLM hired (for a rumored million bucks) expert PR man Mike Harty with the US Institute for Conflict Resolution to run a “workshop” in Denver. Bob Abbey heralded this as his “new direction.”

“It’s a new day, and we need a fresh look at the Wild Horse and Burro Program,” Abbey said. “As part of this effort, we want all those with an interest in wild horses and burros and their public lands to consider our initial ideas and offer their own.”

Wild Horse advocates (and the wild horse haters, including Sue Wallis) came to Denver. The workshop was intensive and covered multiple aspects of the program.

I wrote back in 2010: “However this program hit crisis mode a long time ago and has needed serious reform as reflected by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) reports of several years.”

You can read about all of the people that came in Elyse Gardners blog here:

While I was questioning Lilli Thomas of the BLM about observation issues this is what she said…

During that meeting stallions (that were the subject of a lawsuit) were castrated. Observation of data collection on the “Tri-State” was denied, even though it had been agreed to, as a lawsuit was dropped against Sheldon that had become a supposed part of this Complex in a “new direction” management to understand herd movement (Sheldon is on the verge of being zeroed out this summer). Read here:

I dare you to compare the two press releases:



Joan "It's not my job" Guilfoyle of the BLM (she repeatedly told NBC that addressing many concerns was "not her job"

Joan “It’s not my job” Guilfoyle of the BLM (she repeatedly told NBC that addressing many concerns was “not her job”)

Of course any current news media covering the Reno “event” is playing this as if nothing like this happened before… “BLM cares.” AND it appears that many advocates that went to this meeting were not aware…  BLM “you did this before on a bigger scale” BEFORE we hit the crisis of “no space in holding.” NOW we have the NAS report that backs up EVERY assertion made by advocates at that meeting. We NOW have several court decisions on access and on INHUMANE practices.

So exactly how far will BLM push it before they change ANYTHING? And how many workshops will they waste your money on?

I have an idea… let’s fire all upper management in the wild horse and burro program, stop roundups except REAL emergencies for a year and with the savings hire 200 range cons for two years. I bet we find a solution.

~~~~ is committed to fighting against abuse, slaughter and extinction of our treasured herds in the field and in the courtroom. Please help us.


3 thoughts on “Sorry BLM, Have Heard Before

  1. Thank You Laura Leigh! We Hav Heard It All Before And They Don’t Change A Thing! Three Basic Needs for Any Mammal To Survive..Food, Shelter, Water. These Are Minimal Requirements. There Is No Debate.

  2. I am appalled by what I have heard and seen since returning to Nevada. I actually feel it is time to start getting in the ” mess kits” as they say, of the BLM. They should personally be charged with not doing their jobs. They should have litigation against them personally. A lawsuit should be filed with the SPCA for animal abuse. In Texas, it is done a lot for horses. Abuse is against the law and everyone in the BLM is responsible for this occurring with our National Heritage. I feel they are just laughing at the attorneys doing the litigation. And may god bless them. But other law suits can be filed also, such as the SPCA, and every other animal protection group. The people at the Sheldon area needs to be hit immediately with his personal life going to the public and all the information that can be found on the people he lets take the horses.
    It is just a thought..I went to law school, and even tho I am retired, I do know people hate the law and being scrutinized for their sins being brought to light. As I said just a thought. From what I have read, theses people have meetings just to pacify everyone, and return to the holding areas etc. and continue to do as they please.
    Lets look into making their lives a bit harder for a horse.
    Ruth Hilton-Quan

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