Weekend Laundry Basket

Some people sort their laundry into piles of fabric and color. Others are lucky if the clothes make the machine at all. Our basket isn’t sorted as there has been very little time this week with briefs being filed in the Triple B (Three HMA) case with the last one filed yesterday. Our attorney worked pro bono on the Fourth of July. His “time off” was time spent fighting against abuse and our first amendment rights. Have a good weekend!

Video from the last tour of Broken Arrow

Video from the last tour of Broken Arrow

Help US! Broken Arrow Tour NOW!

WildHorsEducation.org has requested a tour of‎#BrokenArrow It will be 104 in Fallon today. The white sand facility is closed to the public and is packed with‎#wildhorses
Would you like to see the horses at Broken Arrow? Join us in asking BLM to open the facility during the heatwave to show us that the horses are ok. Email BLM head PR: Tom Gorey at “Tom_Gorey” <Tom_Gorey@blm.gov>, and ask that a tour be scheduled immediately.

(Gorey was in when we began this campaign but never responded. Now he has an out of office reply. So email Nevada PR Heather Emmons, we have two addresses for her. “Emmons, Heather L” <hlemmons@blm.gov>,     “heather_emmons” <heather_emmons@blm.gov>,)
In 2011 we had two tours with one in June. In 2012 we had two tours with one in April. This year we have had NO public tours. Click link for article from April 2012 for HorsebackMagazine:http://wildhorseeducation.org/2012/04/02/blm-indian-lakes-broken-arrow-tour/
Click Link for Video from 2012:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI5q3pPrf40

Palomino Valley Center July 2, 2013

Palomino Valley Center July 2, 2013

Dangers of Heat Wave to Wild Horses in Holding

(Reno, NV) The wild horse and burro advocacy group, Wild Horse Education (WHE) is very concerned for wild horses currently held at Palomino Valley Center (PVC), north of Sparks Nevada. The group carries several legal actions that pertain to the humane treatment of wild horses. Many of the animals at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Palomino Valley Center came from ranges currently under the scrutiny of the court.

Wild Horse Education’s President and principle researcher, Laura Leigh, visits the facility multiple times each week. What she observed yesterday was disturbing.

“I saw mares that have recently given birth showing signs of dehydration,” stated Leigh “I saw animals with light skin showing signs of sunburn including peeling skin.”


The person with the power to immediately find the funding for additional water sources and shade structures is Ed Roberson. Please write him a note and express your concerns. To see a breakdown of short-term holding facilities that are also in need of shade structures go HERE>>

Edwin Roberson FAX: 202-208-5010 email: eroberso@blm.gov

Video Done From the Heart

We recieved a request to use some of our photos for a video being put together by advocate Stacy Kneeshaw Jett. After discussion we gave permission for use and the video she sent us was beautiful and tragic… a perfect representation of the plight of our wild horses and all they have given. We add it here for you to see.

RTFw phone flier FB

click image to enlarge

Clean body and soul among the wild horses!

If you are near Lompoc Ca you can have yoga and wild horses too! A great combination to wash away all that ails you.


NEVER has the work we are doing been so intense in the courtroom sagas!

Baby separated in the jute at Jackson Mounain

Baby separated in the jute at Jackson Mountain

Triple B… after the incredible documentation that showed abuse after abuse, the TRO to pilot conduct, The BLMs own Triple B Review that admits to the conduct, we add Jackson Mountain an win another TRO, the court granting Preliminary Injunction… we go into Discovery and BLM REFUSES to disclose information on horses and conduct and files a motion to dismiss Jackson Mountain, BLM loses that Motion, back in Discovery and we ask for the same things and BLM files another motion to dismiss at the same time as they plan on going in to Triple B (after changing the name to Three HMA) to do a bait and trap and strip the first amendment and close access, we file an amendment and a TRO and have to respond back and forth… Now it sits in the hands of the Judge for the next step…

Oh yeah and we have the Owyhee hearing in ten days.

Please support our work if you can.


We need to keep the work going

We need to keep the work going


4 thoughts on “Weekend Laundry Basket

  1. Good morning Laura!
    FYI, this morning (7/8/13), emails to Tom Gorey came back with autoreply (edited): Out of office 7/8-12/2013, returning Monday 7/15/2013. If urgent, contact main Public Affairs #202/912-7400
    These requests can’t wait! Who’s the next best person/decision maker to contact without waiting for a week or more? And the most effective way for all of us to reach them?

  2. Do you know the “meat” inspectors are instructed to give extra scrutiny to white and grey horses to check for melanosis. Those found with excessive melanosis are condemned carcasses.

  3. The video brought tears. It is well done. I pray that many will see it & that the people we need to convince will see & pay heed.
    Thank you Laura Leigh & to the person who put this video together.

  4. Dear Edwin,

    I know you have receive a few of these requests. It seems people think you can do something about our nations wild horses. I hope and pray that you will listen to each and every one of these requests as they do indeed come from the heart. There are a lot of people in the world that don’t like to see the wild horse penned up, overheated and mistreated. Why pen them up and take away their natural defense to heat and disease. I know this about the cattle ranchers wanting all the land for their cattle. Please look at the situation with your heart and stand for something more in this long life we are given, rather than the best interests of rich cattlemen. They already have more than enough to earn a living. This has been a battle of horse or cow since America first started ranching. You can help the horse who has given man his heart and trust for a long time. They are much loved by everyone except the cattle rancher. Even they use the horse. I can’t imagine what our children will say when finally the wild horse is gone. I work around children and wild animals of all kinds inspire creativity and hope and a deep sense of wonder that is very important to the maturity of these kids. Ask a child how much they like the wild horse or the wolves or the buffalo. The elephant, the tiger, the whales, the turtles. If that doesn’t inspire you, you have lost something very important in your soul. Lets not make the ending of the story of man and animal a violent, brutal and bloody story to tell our kids.

    Thank you for taking time to read this.

    Kitty Finnigan

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