WHE eBook – Send In Your Story!

r_magazinecover_blog1Has a wild horse or burro impacted your life, touched your heart, made you laugh or cry?  Wild Horse Education would like to offer you the unique opportunity to share your stories, poems, or other writings in our new eBook, Heart Beats for Wild Hoof Beats.

We have several chapters for you to choose to contribute to:

Mustang Miracles.   Did you have an amazing encounter with a wild horse or burro? Did you read a story that changed your life? Tell us about it.

Who Rescued Whom?   Have you taken in a mustang or burro from the BLM or adopted one from an ad or kill pen? Tell us your story.

Tales of Hope Amidst the Horror.    Did you meet someone who inspired and changed you? Did you go to a rally and feel kinship? Did you see something change you thought impossible?

Wild Warrior.    Have you taken to the road with camera and keyboard? Are you monitoring a RAC board or Committee? Have you or someone you know taken on the role of educating others? Tell us about it.

Wild WOOOooo!    Were you inspired to create a painting, poem or song for our wild ones? Please share it if you would like to.

We will be publishing the first edition this summer. You can enjoy showing off your very own published work in our first edition! Please email your stories and pictures, poems, links, youtubes etc to Heart Beats for Wild Hoof Beats Editor,  Tami Crisanti, at  WHEMagazine@gmail.com

Tell your story to the world and touch other “beating hearts” for the wild ones!

Tami Crisanti, Secretary, Wild Horse Education