Misfits and News

Screengrab of movie "The Misfits"

Screengrab of movie “The Misfits”

Happy Birthday Marilyn

This post is made to remember the birthday of Marilyn Monroe, June 1. Her final complete film was the Misfits, released in February of 1961. The Misfits brought into the mainstream the practice of wild horses being brutally captured and sold for dog food and fertilizer. It was not the films intention to become an “advocacy” film for wild horses, but to focus on “misfits” of the human condition.

“Westerns and the West have always been built on a morally balanced world where evil has a recognizable tab — the black hats — and evil always loses out in the end. This is that same world, but it’s been dragged out of the nineteenth century into today, when the good guy is also part of the problem.” ~ Arthur Miller

Todays drama playing out in the west around the vanishing wild horses and our rapidly changing western landscape make one wonder what Miller would have written today. Yet valid human truths penned  five decades ago still ring.

“You’re liars! All of you, liars! You’re only happy when you can see something die! Why don’t you kill yourselves and be happy?! You and your God’s country! Freedom! I pity you! You’re three dear, sweet, dead men! ”  Roslyn, played by Marilyn Monroe, in the Misfits.

Happy Birthday Marilyn.

Triple B

Triple B

BLM Refuses to Reveal Wild Horse Roundup Documents in Federal Case, yet the fight moves forward

At a Discovery hearing yesterday the court has ordered that BLM make the argument that Leigh and her attorney have no right to ask for documents pertaining to roundup activity and the conditions of animals resulting from capture in the ongoing federal court case of Triple B and Jackson Mountain in a Motion to dismiss a case that has been active for two years, gained two Temporary Restraining Orders and a Preliminary Injunction.

Leigh and her attorney notified the court of ongoing activities planned at the Triple B Complex including bait trapping and lack of access. The court has granted permission to amend the complaint.

Both briefs are due on June 10th, prior to operations continuing at Triple B.

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ADD your STORY to HeartBeats!

Wild Horse Educations “Dime Novel” will publish in a couple of months. If you have a poem, picture or story to tell send it to us at WHEMagazine@gmail.com

Heart Beats for wild hoof beats! If you want to be in the Magazine and maybe on the cover, send us your story!

Heart Beats for wild hoof beats! If you want to be in the Magazine and maybe on the cover, send us your story!


Maybe you have a story you would like to tell?

  • Mustang Miracles: Did you adopt a wild horse that taught you something? Did you read a story that changed your life?
  • Who Rescued Who?: Have you taken in a mustang or burro from the BLM or adopt one from an ad or kill pen?
  • Tales of Hope Amist the Horror: Did you meet someone that changed you?Did you go to a rally and feel kinship? Did you see something change you thought impossible?
  • Wild Warrior: Have you taken to the road with camera and keyboard? Have you taken on a RAC board or Committee? Do you know a student that wrote a report and educated their classroom?
  • Wild WOOOooo! : Were you inspired to create a painting, poem or song for our wild ones?

Moving Forward

The work of Wild Horse Education moves forward.

Briefs are due in Triple B and Jackson Mountain on June 10th. A hearing is scheduled on July 3rd for Owyhee. The Press Freedoms case is awaiting a ruling in the District Court and must then move to hearing on the underlying case and must order transcripts soon (cost is about $1,200). Field work MUST happen to gather the data needed to challenge decisions. Research must continue into land use plans, disposition of animals, roundup documentation, etc. etc.

Last month we did not reach our funding goal, again. Each time a goal is not met we must cancel activities usually involving the ordering of court documents, filing fees for cases or range work. We do the best we can with what we have.

It has come to our attention that there is again an active move to defame the work of this organization and Laura Leigh in particular. These disgusting actions go so far as to assert that Leigh is somehow faking breast cancer! Leigh is dealing with having breast cancer with hardly no personal income and without a home. These foul individuals making these attacks contribute virtually nothing but their own vile that destroys any movement to gain protections for wild horses and burros under extremely difficult circumstance. Look hard at those making any such accusations… you will find some very ugly people.

The work continues even as our WHE President undergoes surgery and treatment for breast cancer. The work will NOT stop.

Please visit our website and see WHAT WE DO. We are actively advocating everywhere we can with very little resource.

We need to keep the work going

We need to keep the work going


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  1. The fact that BLM was allowed to refuse to reveal the roundup documents is astonishing in itself and just because they got away with it legally, it sure doesn’t make it right. I have no doubt that the WHE legal team can and will turn this around on BLM and prevail for our wild horses!

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