Petition with a Punch and other News

Young geldings with ringworm and papilloma virus

Young geldings with ringworm and papilloma virus


Petition with a Punch

By Marta Williams, Vice President, Wild Horse Education (WHE)

Wild Horse Education (WHE) launched a petition (via our website and via calling for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to take better care of captive wild herds and stop warehousing them.

To sign the petition or share with a friend here is the link:

Petitions, calls, letters, emails, and letters to the editor/op editorial are all critical to the campaign to save wild horses and burros. And if they were going to be all we need to do we would have been there by now. The only two people on the planet who can enjoin BLM are the President and a federal judge. We are going for the judge scenario. With three lawsuits active and winning, we have a good chance of getting there. That would mean that a judge would order BLM to take adequate care of these animals in captivity and to stop the inhumane treatment. A judge has already stopped the helicopters at Triple B and they are still on the ground there. Our petition, therefore, may be well on its way to being enforced by a federal judge.

Keep Them in The Wild!

Keep Them in The Wild!


Another option to stop the extermination of our wild herds is to get legislative change, but that would cost millions and with the current set of legislators, it might well be impossible. Beyond that we need to think and work outside the box and look for new and unconventional solutions to add into the mix. That is why Wild Horse Education (WHE) started our Keep Them in the Wild program. In it we are investigating real world solutions to address, district by district, the faulty land use plans that our wild horses and burros are caught in.

If you would like to take another action on this petition, here are some options:

1. Call or email Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief BLM at (202) 912-7260

2. Write a quick letter to the editor. Decision-makers regularly read letters to the editor to see what residents are talking about. 

You don’t need to say or write a lot, just a few sentences that reiterate the main message of the petition, which is:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) should immediately implement a quarantine at the Palomino Valley Complex (PVC) and any other similarly-infected wild horse and burro holding facility until all signs of strangles, ringworm, papillomavirus and any other infections to the current captive wild herd populations disappear. BLM should immediately dedicate resources for and provide appropriate treatment of diseases present in the wild horses and follow standard protocol to minimize the spread of these diseases. BLM should immediately stop full scale roundups and halt all warehousing of wild herds as the situation is out of control and there are way too many animals in captivity to adequately care for or to get adopted out. If BLM cannot hire adequate personnel to care for animals in holding, they must accept help from animal welfare organizations to assist in the care of the wild horses and burros.

Click here to find your local newspaper and submit your letter:

For updates on Wild Horse Education (WHE) court cases against BLM sign up for email alerts on the bottom right of our home page.

Thank you for your support and for making your voice heard on this important issue.

Other News


Leigh doing flyover for KLAS-TV of Owyhee in 2010

Leigh doing flyover for KLAS-TV of Owyhee in 2010

WHE President scheduled for surgery

Earlier this month, Wild Horse Education President, Laura Leigh, the plaintiff in the legal actions against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ms. Leigh is expected to undergo surgery next week. Under advice of our attorney Gordon Cowan of Reno, Ms. Leigh is asking the court to postpone the hearing on the Owyhee Preliminary Injunction by no more than 30 days. The hearing on Triple B and Jackson Mountain will not be postponed. (note hearing is now scheduled for July 3rd) (click highlighted title to go to article)


New foal being chased after being run for miles by helicopter, separated from family, to be roped in the sweltering Nevada heat in June.

New foal being chased after being run for miles by helicopter, separated from family, to be roped in the sweltering Nevada heat in June.

Triple B and Jackson Mountain Litigation Update

BLM is attempting to refrain from giving up any Discovery on operations at both Triple B (that includes Maverick Medicine) claiming that she has no right to ask (both briefs are loaded below). If BLM fails to win the argument in Discovery and has to give up the documents is it possible that Leigh will win her claim? Is it possible that the ONLY bait trap operation of such scale in the entire program will be an attempt to again avoid the issues in court? (click highlighted title to go to article)

~~~ is devoted to gaining protections for wild horses and burros from abuse,slaughter and extinction.



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