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Nevada Legislature

As the State of Nevada’s Legislative session begins to draw to a close all bills must go for a vote.

The turbulent battle to gain protections against horse tripping looks like it is heading for another dismal failure in Nevada. State Assemblyman Skip Daly, the chair of the Natural Resources Committee is going to try to amend SB72 AGAIN. His proposed amendments will destroy any pretense of protection and render the bill entirely useless. It is an outrage that after compromising this bill down to nothing that Daly feels he can just change it one last time and push this pretense through. Many people worked literally thousands of hours on this. PLEASE write the Assemblyman and express yourself. His amendments will receive NO PUBLIC INPUT as all hearings on the matter are over. Wild Horse Education agreed to remove their opposition on text that went to hearing at the assembly. We feel strongly that any further destruction of a bill that was compromised even before the very first hearing is basically worthless at the Assembly level and if Daly gets his way… will practically end up endorsing the practice.  (PLEASE keep in mind that the state of Texas has an outright ban and it has not effected traditional rodeo in ANY way. Nevada can’t seem to pass ANY protections whatsoever. I think if this bill is passed after Daly changes it, Senators that own horses should host the next horse tripping event? What do you think?) 

SJR1 is also NOT likely to pass as it seems the state of Nevada can’t say even a positive word about wild horses.

Chair: Skip Daly -l
Vice Chair: Paul Aizley –
Richard Carrillo –
Lesley E. Cohen –
James W. Healey –
Heidi Swank –
Tyrone Thompson –
Paul Anderson –
John Ellison –
Ira Hansen –
Pete Livermore –
Jim Wheeler –

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FINALLY aired on Tuesday May 14

FINALLY aired on Tuesday May 14 YEAH! NBC!

NBC coverage

If you have not seen the NBC pieces on wild horses and burros you should check them out. Wild Horse Educations Laura Leigh spent days and days working on this with the producer and it is a good piece that tells a compelling story.

Cruel or necessary? The true cost of wild horse roundups

Please Click HERE and read the text story and comment.


BLM wild horse specialist Gus Warr questioned the editing of some of the activist videos.

“I would challenge … the stuff you see on YouTube because you’re not seeing the whole picture, that is the worst of the worst,” he said.

Leigh responds, “My pictures and video do show the whole story.  What I’m showing is what BLM will not show the public.”

(We have added the two videos below that are subject of that exact assertion from BLM in federal court from Owyhee. The first is BLM. The second is Leigh’s. Who is selective in what they show the public?).


Young geldings with ringworm and papilloma virus

Young geldings with ringworm and papilloma virus

Conditions in Holding as BLM cuts funding

(Reno, NV) Wild Horse Education (WHE), a non-profit organization in the state of Nevada that tracks the condition of wild horses and burros on the range and in holding, has sent a request to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) asking that immediate medical care and adequate husbandry practices be given to wild horses currently held at a short-term holding facility in Nevada.

Three highly infectious conditions—strangles, papilloma virus, and ringworm—have been documented in the population currently housed at the BLM Palomino Valey Center (PVC) wild horse and burro holding facility north of Reno. Although none of the conditions require emergency response, the conditions do require attention. However, the horses have received no treatment for these conditions.

READ article at WHE and view photos HERE>>>


Sign petition HERE>>>


Wild Horse Education is working on three active court cases (two hearings this month), field work, land use plans. Help us to protect our wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction. We need your help to get the work done. We carry three active TRO’s, a Preliminary Injunction and have created new case law… on cases all active at the same time. This has NEVER happened in the history of the Act. We ARE creating a path to change (including the first TRO in the history of the Act to inhumane conduct!) WE NEED YOU to see the work through! PLEASE visit our website to see what we do!

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