NBC News “Wild, But not free!”

TODAY show "Wild, but nor free!" aired Tuesday May 14.

TODAY show “Wild, but nor free!” aired Tuesday May 14.

The long awaited piece “Wild, But Not Free!” aired this morning on NBC. Coverage on NBC Nightly News is still pending.

Please take a moment and comment on all of the stories published in the extended coverage online. Let’s show “big media” that wild horses and burros ARE National News and that we care!

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Triple B

Triple B

Cruel or necessary? The true cost of wild horse roundups

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BLM wild horse specialist Gus Warr questioned the editing of some of the activist videos.

“I would challenge … the stuff you see on YouTube because you’re not seeing the whole picture, that is the worst of the worst,” he said.

Leigh responds, “My pictures and video do show the whole story.  What I’m showing is what BLM will not show the public.”

(Please be aware that WildHorseEducation.org has three active federal lawsuits. Two of the cases, encompassing three wild horse roundup operations, that have already gained three Temporary Restraining Orders and a Preliminary Injunction against conduct).

BLM does ship to kill buyers

BLM does ship to kill buyers

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Joan Guilfoyle, chief of BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, told NBC News she does not know what happened to the horses that were sold to Davis, but denied the agency did anything wrong.  “We have no knowledge of him being a person who has ill intent toward the horses,” she said, “so there was no reason to question the purchase of these (animals) because he has to sign the paper that says what his intention is.”

(note:Tom Davis is a well-known kill buyer that has ties to former Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. Is Guilfoyle claiming the government did not know Tom Davis? That a simple “google” search that reveals what Davis is was never done?)

“I want to know where the horses went,” said Laura Leigh of the group Wild Horse Education, which advocates on behalf of the wild mustangs. “It’s disgusting, it’s abhorrent.  Whoever signed that slip to approve those sales, I want to look them in the eye and say, ‘What were you thinking?’”

In Their Own Words: opposing views of wild horse roundups

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Owyhee Complex 2012

Owyhee Complex 2012~~~

Visit WildHorseEducation.org to learn about our work to protect wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction.



39 thoughts on “NBC News “Wild, But not free!”

  1. So Very Cruel! Breaks my heart! Everything about what these people are doing is wrong!..Please help stop them! Laura Leigh is an Angel on earth and continues to fight with everything shes got.. for these horses.

  2. Taking animals away from a home they have been used to there whole life! Then you put them in a slaughter house for meat! Really!? Horses need to trust people not scare them let them live our lives and we live ours no horse wild or tamed should be in a slaughter house!

  3. Sick people living and killing our beautiful graceful horses, It needs to stop….praying for God to intervene.

  4. This was signed in with out due process, by Bush as a blood money-making machine of tax payer corporate welfare for the helicopter corporations , beef feedlots, hay sellers, killer buyers, truckers,all for horses that were, eating well on their ranges for FREE! Yet you payed 441 MILLION , so far ! & they are not micro-chipped as many are sneaked out & sold for slaughter-They could run free & receive birth control -But no money in that ! How about National Wild horse Parks on their own land, would be a great tourist destination!


  6. Unfortunately in such a short piece you just get soundbites and someone who doesn’t know the issues will think, hum yes well it is a problem that they are overpopulated and the poor cow ranchers do need space. So NBC we need more indepth look at this because the cows are overrunning and destroying the range. the frackers and miners and gas pipeline guys want the horses dead and out of there and the horses are lower than even the worst historical lows. We are facing the possible forced extinction of the wild horse and burro. They are native to US and originated here. the people want them saved but the corrupt system is killing them off.

    • This is totally unbelievable that our Bureau of Land Management is this corrupt that they bend to the interests of the greedy ranchers, who, in many cases, are leasing our public land (purchased with the money of the taxpayer) for a very undercut rate. These guys obviously have no heart and are totally motivated by greed. I am angered that our BLM is allowing these people to get away with this. This is my reminder to stop eating red meat. It is interesting how bad it really is for you anyway. I love Carole King and the others that are involved with putting these guys in the spotlight, so people know the kind of creeps we’re dealling with…

  7. The frackers and miners and gas pipeline is what is behind all of this. They were hoping the horses would be gone before anyone really noticed. This is about the almighty dollar/greed. 50,000 wild horses being held in pens for “adoption” when anyone with half a brain knows 50,000 horses will not be adopted. And they are still rounding up more! All concerned people should educate themselves on the SAFE act, and write, email and call your congressmen/women and senators. We are talking millions of acres, folks. Don’t buy the “there’s not enough room” line.

  8. Please don’t just ask others to help. Please, do all you can. Call, write, email, share, post, make your voice heard. The animals have no voice, so we must all work on their behalf. Almost everyone can do something.

  9. We don’t have an overpopulation of wild horses. We have an overpopulation of livestock on our public lands.” It’s all about money. Group’s recently analyzed how the government allocated forage in 50 herd management areas where there have been roundups in the past three years. It found 82.5 percent was allocated to livestock; 17.5 percent to wild horses. It’s disgusting what people are doing to this world and they will not be happy till all is destroyed. Let nature take its course, animals have endured on their own for a long time.

  10. I am appauled by America, “The Land of the Free”. Free for who? Whoever can afford it? Horses helped us build this country and deserve the right to flourish. They were here long before we were, and they should be here long after we are gone. Horses and burros are very family oriented, loving animals. Leave their open ranges alone. Don’t let the farmers put their livestock there, make it a sanctuary for the wild horses.

  11. It is. About time the wild horses get some national air time. NBC hurray to you for airing this. Now keep on this and let’s see some changes. It will be a glorious day when our heritage horses remain free!

  12. The BLM was created to PROTECT the wild horses, not run them off of their land in order to give greedy ranchers cheap ranch land, what an injustice! Only government would screw up this badly!

  13. BLM has an outdated, anitquated view of the wildlife world! Do not let the wild horse suffer any more from BLM ineptitude!

  14. I concur 100% with Deborah Hill’s comment. What’s happening to wild horses and burros is a national disgrace.

  15. I agree with all the above! I think if the cattle man wants to raise cattle he should have his own grazing land and supply his cattle with what they need out of their own pocket. (this is their chosen profession) The grazing land they are using belongs to the horses and burros, as far as breeding, there is birth control for horses! I pray someone stands up for these beautiful animals. It saddens me the US has stooped so low as to torturing and slaughtering a precious soul such as the American Horses and burros!

  16. The BLM has broken every provision of the 1971 Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act designed to preserve and protect the Wild Horses and Burros, those wonderful animals who have been designated for over 40 years as national treasures and icons of our American heritage. It is time for the American public to demand transparency, consistency, and honesty in doing what is necessary and right for OUR wild horses and burros.

  17. No other creature has helped mankind more than the horse, this is an embarrassing completely deplorable way to show thanks. Greed and corruption have run their course, its enough, time to stop the oppression, the evil, and in the case of the wild mustangs and burros – the absolute GENOCIDE! These are our public lands, they are our iconic wild horses and the corrupt and rancid BLM and our US Govt (who cares much more about lobbyists and greed than righteousness or congressional laws to be followed / obeyed…) are USING OUR MONEY to commit these unspeakable acts of cruelty and murder. My Horses, My lands, My Money…I should say how its done… Honor the 1971 Roam Act with dignity and pride, let the ranchers figure out there own lands and say NO to Fracking, its deadly dangerous anyway! Stop the killing of our irreplaceable wild horses!

  18. What’s happening to wild horses and burros is a national disgrace.I am appauled by America land of the free my eye ,This is about the almighty dollar/greed.All concerned people should educate themselves on the SAFE act, and write, email and call your congressmen/women and senators. We are talking millions of acres, folks. Don’t buy the “there’s not enough room” line.Everything about what these people are doing is wrong!

  19. We have a system and ecosystem That one is abused and the other being destroyed, yet they both have one common element. A federal agency that has allowed welfare rancher’s overgraze and purposely shrink down the size of allowed grazing for the Mustangs which by law have every right to be there. They are part of the ecosystem that the cow’s are destroying because rancher’s just turn them out and leave them unchecked until their is no more forage left. This is a management problem on the part of the agency catering to the rancher’s who pay next to nothing for the use of the public land which the Mustangs are and have been a part of for decades if not century’s. Since Ken Salazar has been allowed to run this agency their has been more corruptive activity that is just now coming to light. Like Tom Davis’s connection to the Salazar family and his admitting he shipped wild horses to Mexico. yet no one in our government has even brought this to light because of the embarrassment to the secretary and his party which cover’s every GOP member Connected to George W. Bush. To add further insult to the tax payer’s the countless abuses during gather’s that no one except humane observer’s manage to bring to light the actual action’s of contracted worker’s using hot shots on horses already in traps. over crowding to the point of many being injured and this too still goes unpunished but instead get rewarded with another 6 million contract to the same outfit that is doing the abusing with tax payer money. This agency needs an Audit and clean house of all connected and corrupted officials’ and bring Salazar up on corruption and conspiracy charges for destroying public property.

  20. No animal should endure this treatment ever…. Im appalled that this practice exists…who is the devil behind this???? And how much does he profit from it….disgraceful display for our wildlife …why aren’t people supporting the observation and lives of these wild mustangs and burros ….where are the brains in this practice???? Make it possible for people to observe them in a natural habitat and more revenue can’t be obtained …The Land Bureau management is archaic and ignorant …time to revamp their cause….

  21. I believe that these men in helicopters see rounding up these horses as competition and they are trying to win some game. Wild horses have no interest in the games of men in helicopters. They just want to survive. It’s not personal, but these “men” take it that way because they are compassionless, by now. They have been desensitized to the pain they are causing wild horses because it has become acceptable to them. It is not acceptable to America and most Americans. The BLM is nothing more than a bunch of bullies who feel big and bad when they catch and torture a herd of wild horses. They think they’ve won the game, but they are losing it for everybody, even themselves. What fools.

  22. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.Albert Einstein. Lets stop the Slaughter.. over 80% of us are against it..so lets STOP IT!
    There will soon be many red ribbon cutting opening ceremonies of horse slaughter plants in Oklahoma. Gov. Mary Fallin signed the bill-HB1999 to open up horse slaughter plants throughout her state on Good Friday. These horses that will be slaughtered will be young, meaty and healthy; they will not be slaughtering the old, the starving or the sick horses. There is nothing humane about these brutal horse plants. This is not about animal population control. This is all about “MONEY” and “GREED.” A “few select politicians” will be making huge profits off of the slaughtering of thousands of innocent horses.
    Gov. Mary Fallin, Rep. Skye McNiel; (who wrote this horse bill-HB1999) and Sen. Eddie Fields stand to make the MOST money.There is a petition goin around for gov.Fallin to do a reverseI of hb 1999.
    I call the white house each day..we need to email or call everyone we can and be heard for the sake of the horses.My best to all of you putting up a good fight on behave of the horses..I won’t stop untill they are all safe..dolly

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  24. We finally got heard! but need many more follow-ups as this problem is not going to go away. We The People have the power to take back what is OURS. The mustangs & burros belong to the American people, they have their own land, allocated by an Act Of Congress. They live on OUR Public Lands. The BLM complains about how much it is costing them to warehouse them. Solution: Don’t round them up in the first place. Use contraception to control the herds. NO spaying!! Do not even think about sending them to slaughter. You will have a revolution, that you won’t be able to stop. Remember, we vote!!

  25. I thought Wild Horse Annie Act signed into law by President Eisenhauer and the Free Roaming horse and burro act protected them from this harrassement by the BLM. And if you want to know how politics affect these beautiful animals check out what happened during the Clinton Adm. when a lot of wild horses were slaughtered.

  26. These horses need to be protected, not slaughtered and definitely not corraled for the rest of their lives. They are symbols of the American West and should be free. The methods of rounding these horses up are horrid. Young foals tripping and falling, breaking legs, others being chased and actually touched by the feet of helicopters. Do you have any idea how a “flight” animal such as a horse would react to that? They are being run into the ground to go to a facility where the herd is split up, families are broken apart and they’ll stay in corrals, unless someone wants to adopt one, and who really knows who that person is and what their intent is with the horse. A lot more investigation needs to be done as to get these horses. These horses belong to all of us. They are our American Wild Horses. I want them to be around for our grand children and great grandchildren. The American Wild Horse is an American history lesson. So much happened here because of the horse. There is plenty of room for them. They were here before the cattle ranchers were. Please, save these majestic animals, because once they are gone, they will be gone forever. Please make a stand to save these animals. They need us now more than ever. Look what they’ve done for us. Let’s give back. Pay it forward and do the right thing.

  27. Cattle ranchers are behind the push for round ups and slaughter of horses, wild and domestic. They are also the reason wildlife services spends over 100 million dollars a year to slaughter wildlife. They are running everything these days… Big Ag needs to know we will boycott beef until they stop this power playing. As long as horses are slaughtered the beef supply is compromised. Don’t think for a moment it isn’t in US beef, this is the underbelly of humans we are dealing with in slaughter. Why were so many wild horses shipped to Okla then the slaughter bills fast tracked through ? The legislators were so clearly bought off by the farm bureau. All farm bureaus support horse slaughter Purina , the AQHA and big horse registries all support it so they have an easy pipeline to dispose of unwanted horses. This is a danger to our wild horses as well. The welfare ranchers run 12.5 million cattle on public lands , yet they want rid of the 35,000 or less wild horses. Send a message – BOYCOTT BEEF…. its time to push back, Contact your reps in Washington today and ask them to sponser the SAFE Act.HR1094/s541… this will end horse slaughter and secure our food supply. Please act…. silence kills. To say nothing, to do nothing, changes nothing.

  28. BLM Stop Killing Our Horses Set Them Free On Our Public Lands !!!! They Should Be Protected Not Slaughtered To Fit The Needs For Others To get A Free Ride On Our Lands !!! Stop All Roundups an Leave our horses Stay Wild an free From man !!! Horses Are Not Food !!!!

  29. I live out west and I cannot believe what is happening to our wild horses. The west represents freedom. This story is heart wrenching and it makes me sick. I cannot believe their our people on this earth that treat animals this way. Our country needs to wake up and put our government back in check.

  30. BLM needs to be removed from all wild horse “management” due to proven cruel and inhumane treatment of the very species that agency was ordered to protect. We, the People, have a bill of rights which includes no cruel and unusual punishment for humans. We extend that to animals in our care.

    Remove the BLM and use wild horse advocates and science to keep populations in balance with the land we have give mustangs to live free. Logic, ethics and humane conditions should replace outright indecent, immoral and shameful BLM.

  31. The BLM cannot claim they know if the right # of Wild Horses and Burros are on the land or that they double their populations every 4yrs when they spend less than 1% of the budget on research!
    On May 15, 2012, The Wildlife News published the article titled “BLM Report: Public lands ranching fails rangeland health standards on a third of rangelands assessed, 33 million acres”; Livestock grazing was identified, BY BLM EXPERTS, as the primary cause (nearly 80%) of BLM lands not meeting health standards. The BLM actually directed scientists to EXCLUDE the livestock grazing as a factor in changing landscapes in the findings! The BLM fights against transparency for the public while using our tax dollars to do research that purposely ignores the pertinent facts, while continuing to roundup our Wild Horses and Burros!
    Livestock does far more damage to our ranges than the wild horse simply by virtue of their different behaviors. Horses do not defecate in the water supply as cattle do. Horses also do not rip up grasses as cattle tend to do, which means when horses graze, the grasses grow back.
    The BLM cannot claim they are managing our wild ones with a balanced approach!! Based on the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, our Wild Horses and Burros, by law, must be considered in the area where presently found (in 1971), as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands. The BLM’s decision making process holds the multiple land usage priority far above ensuring that our Wild Horses and Burros remain integral. Out of the millions of acres of tax payer land the BLM manages, the wild horses and burros are only permitted on 10% – while 66% is open for livestock use; Multiple uses also include mining, fracking, pipelines, geo-thermal projects, solar projects, and many more, leaving our wild horses and burros with the scraps. The Mustangs are now losing their families, going to the horrible holding facilities, and are at risk of going to slaughter under the “Sales Authority Agreement” that was immorally slipped into the Wild Horse & Burro Act back in 2004. The BLM must do better for our wild ones!
    Drastic changes must be made to this broken system – before our wild ones are gone forever! Thank you WildHorseEducation, for fighting for our wild ones, you have my continued support in this war!

  32. Enough!!!! Enough…I have adopted three mustangs and I would never think about slaughtering them, eating them..enough> I am sick of the BLM lying about the mustangs, the only reason that these horses are gathered is because of the cattle ranchers..it’s a money thing and these animals are slaughtered on the alter of the almighty dollar. ENOUGH!

  33. These roundups are horrific! America’s wild horses are supposed to be PROTECTED, and the BLM is doing everything they can to ensure they’re eliminated! What research and discovery has been conducted by the BLM to determine that the population continues to “grow and grow”? What an ridiculous statement made by Joan Guilfoile. There were over 2M wild horses in the 1900’s, now there are less than 25k,.. even an imbecile understands that’s not true. Privately owned cattle arent protected by the federal government, but our wild horses are, yet these cattle are using OUR federal lands land and outnumber America’s wild horses by 50:1. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Cattle DESTROY the land, while the wild horses play a critical role in the eco-system, the very process that ensures a rich and bountiful land that is nourished and grows.

    The cruelty and inhumanity of these roundups are barbaric, and speaks volumes to the lack of compassion we as a country have descended to. Our federal lands are being decimated by cattle grazing and fracking, NEITHER of which these lands were meant for. This whole mess has brought shame upon America, and we the American taxpayers are stuck footing the bill. I do NOT want my tax dollars funding these roundups, or our wild horses imprisonment, or subsidizing the cattle ranchers by providing them with land rights for a steal. I DO want my horses freed, and I want the cattle ranchers to graze their cattle on their own land, and I want the frackers to stop polluting our land, air, and water.

    How shameful that greed and a complete lack of compassion has led us to this point. These atrocities have forever scarred American History. It’s high time for some serious damage control. The BLM has already proven how inept, deceptive and cruel they are, so I’m not hopeful that they can dig their way out of this. Our lawmakers need to intervene and take action; make them accountable, implement legislation to close all the loopholes that the BLM has so cleverly found to prevent these travesties in the future, and FREE OUR WILD HORSES!

  34. I would first like to say thank you to NBC Today Show for broadcasting the wrong that is being done to our Wild Horses and Burro’s. It is so sad to hear about all of our Wild Horses and Burro’s getting rounded up for all the wrong reasons. I do not believe a word that comes from BLM. I have seen, read, and listened to way to much evidence to even consider believing them. It is not right what is happening to our beautiful icons of the west, and it isn’t fair for us either. They take our hard earned money to destroy this beautiful land and take the beauty away. We don’t want this. I would rather my tax dollars got to save these beautiful animals, not take them away forever. It’s just not right!!!

  35. It was a fantastic piece by NBC, wonderful and sad at the same time, I have been following what BLM has been doing and it is WAY past the time for someone to hold them accountable in what they have been doing, it is all for Ranchers all of it, they all want the horses gone, that is the bottom line, it is so obvious so clear!!! WHEN will someone with the authority stand up and stop this …. WHY does BIG AG. want to destroy the horses, I mean there is plenty of land for everyone for god sake..

    SO discouraging the way this country is going it is not going down a good path it is indeed a very dark one!!!!!

  36. I bought a wild BLM Burro. He was injured his back leg from their roping his back leg. he is also deathly afraid of helicopters and reacted a few years ago running himself into the barn walls. I had a yellow rain jacket on and he broke through fencing and got out into the big pasture. The Trauma this poor beautiful quiet , peaceful burro has gone through. I did my research it was yellow helicopters that rounded them up. I had a BLM management tell me this burro is special I have been doing this he said along time. I had to get into a bidding war to get him as I knew I had to help him. He was injured and separate from the herd . He was also about 7 years old at the time. His name today is Father Francis. he is amazing creature and keeps the mountain lions away here. but what I would rather he got to live out his life where he came from. I hope this organization can get the changes needed to bring that change. Father Francis trusts me and me only. That is a tall order. Please help support this organization to stop there trapping and moving these animals off there land.

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