Monday “All in One,” news and actions for advocates

Monday “all in one” post that covers issues from horses landing safe to actions you can take against horse-tripping and slaughter. We are writing all of these into one post (as we have been condensing posts for the sake of time). Slideshow at the end of the post.

Horse Tripping happens in Nevada!

Horse Tripping happens in Nevada!

Take Action First

In the state of Nevada there are several ongoing issue as the Legislative session draws to a close. Currently Nevada’s Legislature meets every two years and this is the last chance to get some “paper” done.

Both SB72, the horse-tripping bill, and SJR1, the wild horse tourism resolution, head for final vote. You have one last opportunity to have your voice heard. You can read the latest update on this issue HERE

You can write to the members of assembly that sit on the committee. It is suggested that you put a comment such as “Vote YES on SB72″ or “Vote YES on SJR1″ in the subject line as reading the entire body of the email may not occur.

IF you think that getting Horse Tripping defined and local ordinance supported is something you support email on SB72. (Here at WHE we have written a letter expressing our strong disappointment that the bill was cut to such an ineffective piece of legislation and chide the state for passing the responsibility to counties, but that we support the passage of SB72).

IF you want the state to have flexibility to enter into cooperatives for management purposes and promote tourism opportunities send an email supporting SJR1. (SJR1 actually is in danger of NOT passing. Even though a Resolution has no real legal “teeth” of enforcement it seems that Assembly members in Nevada are so afraid to say anything positive about wild horses in light of the large livestock interests that may get them re-elected. So if you believe in SJR1 your emails, if enough come in, may really help get this one passed).

Here is the list and email addresses of the committee for SB72 and SRJ1.
Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining email

fast copy and paste list:,,,,,,,,,,, anti-slaughter poster anti-slaughter poster

Horse Slaughter

If you have not read the editorial “Running fir the Roses as Horse Slaughter Heads for the Finish Line,” by Laura Leigh of please read it HERE.


Please take a moment to send a polite email to your federal legislators in Congress and urge them to cosponsor the SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094), a bill to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption.

Find your Senator:

Find your Representative in the House:

We have postcards that you can print on card stock and send to legislators. CLICK HERE

Diamond Range

Diamond Range

Range Update

At we have been on the range documenting areas of significant concern. Many of these areas will need pro-active actions soon to make sure our wild horses and burros do not pay the ultimate price as the new mining regulations begin to take effect and our public resources dwindle even further forcing our bands of treasured horses and burros closer to extinction.

We are also monitoring the Diamond range as our 30 plus wild horses sit in holding awaiting return to the range. During the roundup this past winter BLM removed over 100 horses more than originally intended due to the condition of animals. The range had been significantly impacted by severe livestock over utilization for years and the drought pushed the range into critical shape. However livestock restrictions and removals of horses have begin the process to heal the range. Much more needs to be done and actions are underway to achieve objectives to assist with the healing of the range and gaining information to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Diamond Studs awaiting return home

Diamond Studs awaiting return home

Yet at the same time the 30 plus awaiting return must go back home. The weather during the roundup created a circumstance where the north and south of the range could not be accessed. This situation had the central portion of the range, and the genetic component it represents, almost entirely removed.

We are working with the district on ways to return, monitor and mitigate for this essential event. We need your support.

Learn about the work we are doing at Diamond HERE



Deer Run Horses Safe

We were there yesterday as the Deer Run horses removed earlier this year near Carson City were placed all together in a large pen awaiting release into sanctuary. Ellie Phipps-Price has created a lovely sanctuary where Virginia Range and horses from Pilot Mountain will either live out their lives or go to adoptive homes. worked with many groups and BLM as we were working on several court actions, documenting roundups including the Deer Run horses and working with NBC, to try to save this family. At least they are still together.

A big thanks to all who worked so hard and a huge hug to Ellie for providing such a beautiful new home to this family.

btn_donatecc_lg1 has three ongoing federal court actions against the BLM’s wild horse and burro program. We gained the first temporary restraining order in the history of the Act to conduct. We have field work and legislative work and investigations that all need your support. Please help us protect America’s wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction.

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