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Wild Horse Education (WHE) is a small organization of dedicated volunteers attempting to create positive changes in the way wild horses and burros are managed on the range, removed from the range and creating safeguards to keep them out of the hands of kill buyers that take them to slaughter.

In the first two years of our existence we have done some amazing things (yes, we incorporate work begun several years ago by Laura Leigh as WHE is the organization created by Leigh to carry that work to conclusion).

This 30 seconds of video, compared to BLM's declarations, is what gained the first TRO in the history of the Act to such conduct.

This 30 seconds of video, compared to BLM’s declarations, is what gained the first TRO in the history of the Act to such conduct. CLICK picture to go to a video of Triple B

Wild Horse Education supported (through your donations) all of the documentation that gained the first  Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction in history to BLM conduct at roundups (This case, and another to conduct are still active in federal court).

WHE filed an Appeal in the Ninth Circuit (First Amendment issues) in May of 2011 (all costs of filing the Appeal, and and work done on that Appeal, were accomplished by Leigh and her attorney Gordon Cowan supported by your donations) You can READ about it in our first newsletter. That Appeal has created case law cited by law professors and journals on law in America. The case itself is STLL ACTIVE and awaits a ruling on Preliminary Injunction in Federal court (and then faces the hearing on the underlying issue).

We know that following the legal actions in confusing and created a few pages to try to help you understand. But we need your help to order transcripts, printing costs and fees.

Update on our legal efforts HERE>>>

What the legal process is HERE>>>

In addition to our legal work, documenting roundups and tracking horses in holding we gain information on the range.

Diamond studs await return to the range after drought conditions created an increased removal

Diamond studs await return to the range after drought conditions created an increased removal

Nevada on “Drought Watch”

Keep this link handy to check on progress of the drought management plans and alerts. 

Last year drought issues were serious in the state of Nevada and we expect this year to be no different. Wild Horse Education was on the range collecting information and addressed the State’s Department of Agriculture as it pushed BLM to remove wild horses. We need your help to gather the information we need this year to make sure wild horses don’t get removed as other uses continue to operate without restriction. Please help us get the gas funds to get the data needed.

There are several areas that will “spotlight” this year and we must have the data if we want to create any challenge to keep horses in the wild.

We also attend meetings of RAC’s, Advisory Boards and meet independently with officials.

We are actively engaged in the horse-tripping issue, wild horses going to slaughter (like the investigation we assisted with uncovering what happened with 1,700 wild horses and Tom Davis).

A worthwhile meeting to attend in CA

Discussions on natural resource topics affecting public lands are on the agenda for a meeting of the Modoc-Washoe Experimental Stewardship Steering Committee, Thursday, April 25, at 9 a.m. at the Bureau of Land Management Surprise Field Office, 602 Cressler St., in Cedarville.

“Other agenda items include updates on recovery from last summer’s wildfires, a report on flash grazing and discussion about management of wild horses and burros. A committee exploring options for reopening Cedarville’s lumber mill also will present a report.”

But we can not attend without the gas funds.

Wild Horse Education addresses media, public, adopters, courts, boards and does all we can to address issues as they arise. WHE does all we can with what we have. We keep an accomplishment page on our website so that you can see directly where your donations go. 

With your help we CAN create changes… we have already begun.


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