Bill against Horse Tripping & Wild Horse Resolution PASSED House

Just got back in and have photos to log but wanted to share this asap! I have not had a chance to read FINAL text (I will shortly) and submitted text revisions that I hope were taken to heart.

BUT this was in my inbox! THANK YOU to EVERYONE that sent emails, FAX’s and signed petitions! IT IS WONDERFUL to know that ALL of the hard work… can create some change! This Bill died in this committee last time. There is hope!

Letter from  Sen. Settlemeyer

Thank you for your concern with SB 72, the horse tripping bill, and SJR1 the resolution supporting wild horses.  I wanted to update you on both.
The original SB 72 bill was, to say the least, flawed.   In fact it was so bad, if a person was on a horse or just leading a horse and it lost its balance, that person would be guilty of a felony.   The Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, Senator Ford, chose to not let this  get in the way of the intent to stop individuals from intentionally tripping horses.  He tasked the Hispanic Caucus representative, Assemblywoman Flores, and the ranchers on the committee, Senator Goicoechea and me, as well as legal staff, with the responsibility of fixing SB72.
That turned out to be no easy task.  It took numerous rewrites and word-smithing in order to ensure we did not create legislation that would turn everyone who owns a horse into a felon as the original language did.   Fortunately, that was accomplished and the bill was passed unanimously out of Senate Natural Resources today.
With this, I thank Senator Manendo for allowing the bill to be fixed.  Otherwise this bill had no chance of passing.  Now after numerous sessions of this bill not passing the legislature, this issue can finally be settled, and we can all turn to the pressing matters of the state.  Senator Manendo will accomplish with this legislation what no author has been able to do in over a decade ofthis subject being in front of the legislature.   
Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


14 thoughts on “Bill against Horse Tripping & Wild Horse Resolution PASSED House

  1. Yup! Got this in my inbox earlier today too! This is some really good news! Now to enforce these laws…

  2. I think this is great but I will not jump up and down until I get to read it! But progress is progress.

  3. This is a victory against cruelty to animals but enforcement will be the key. At least there will not be public display allowed which may take the bite out of the spectator sport. Thanks to everyone who took their time to make a difference. There is much more power in numbers.

  4. just like other bills that get passed, down the road we have governors like the one in oklahoma that change what they want,she will hopefully pay for it when she comes up for reelection

  5. I think there needs to be a cruel punishment to the ones that are doing this.. Abusing the horse for ???? what? What is the reasoning for horse tripping?? Do some people get a kick out of being cruel to animals? What sicko’s.

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