Not Forgotten, Adoption horses PVC

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundups get a lot of attention. But after each roundup there are so many wild horses and burros that need homes. Many sit in “short term” holding facilities for literally years before either being adopted or shipped off to long-term holding where they become “sale authority” animals at risk for purchase by kill buyers (and ending up slaughtered).

Unlike state of Nevada horses that go direct to sale (now first to a rescue group and if refused to sale) BLM horses stay in the system of warehousing until adopted or sold.

This post is simply a slideshow of animals sitting at Palomino Valley Center north of Reno. These youngsters (all of the horses in the slideshow are yearlings/weanlings) are waiting for homes. Many of these animals will be shipped to adoption events across the country, to other holding facilities and after being offered for adoption three times, if not adopted will become “three strike” horses and be sale authority and on to long term holding or sold.

Please take a peek…. if you are looking for a horse this summer consider adopting a living piece of American history. Mustangs are amazing animals. Smart and hardy these animals when treated well, can be the “horse of a lifetime.”

Adoption info on BLM Palomino Valley Center webpage:

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Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!