Nevadans! Another Bill Comment today!

Antelope Complex Wild Horses

Antelope Complex Wild Horses

***AB227*** – Management of public lands – Bill to implement the State to be in charge of public lands in Nevada – Complete control by June 2015 (Goicoechea). Goicoechea is also one of the men responsible for attempting to deny wild horses water in the entire state last session through SB329.

PLEASE COMMENT THAT THIS PROPOSED ACTION IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF NEVADA. We disapprove of this Bill in so many ways! The state of Nevada has no infrastructure, resources and is clearly controlled by special interests. This would NEVER be in the best interest of wild horses and burros. Velma Johnston fought to get Federal management. Don’t let the state undo what she started!

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This is a Nevada Department of Agriculture meeting last year trying to get all wild horses removed to minimum levels.


5 thoughts on “Nevadans! Another Bill Comment today!

  1. I will read more about this tomorrow and will have something to say to them. I don’t know if my opinions count, since I’m out of state. But, I will give my opinion any way.

  2. i voted so should you.why not it takes one minute out of your life.please do this and share on!thanks for working so hard and endlessly laura.we luv do the horses and will be remembered for all you do forever.

  3. As an animal activist I feel the Government should not have anything to do with our horses. I wish there could be a bill that would be set up for each state a non for profit organisation responsible for the horses. They have got alone just fine with out any help from us . It is man and his laws that cause the problems!

  4. Nevada should hang their head in shame~why is it, that you never realize what a treasure you have…till it’s gone~wake up Nevada!

  5. leave the horses alone, they are perfectly capable of taking care of their own families, go home and take care of your family. Leave the burros and horses alone.

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