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UPDATE: The video has been removed from YouTube. The content was copied and sent to media. THANK YOU!

A video link is posted below. The video shows kill buyer, Tim Sappington, shooting a horse. Before he shoots the horse however he states “All you animal activists, f**k you.” Shooting a horse is not a crime. But an act committed to create intimidation is, it is a hate crime.

FBI link to report internet crime:

After viewing the video Leigh of Wild Horse Education immediately contacted the FBI. She was told that because the video was up for nine months, and hers was the only call received, that the most that might occur is the video will be taken down. Leigh taped the video in case it is needed in the future.

“I’ve eaten it for years,” said Sappington, who slaughters the animals himself and keeps a meat locker stocked at his home near Roswell, New Mexico.” Tim Sappington stated in a recent article.

Link is included but not imbedded on this site so you can copy and paste into your complaint. Please be aware a HORSE DIES in this video from gunshot to the head. The horse still has the auction tag. (WARNING A HORSE DIES IN THIS VIDEO, DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT)

AGAIN EDITED TO ADD: The original video has been removed. Other advocates copied it and reposted it on youtube. So if you see the video, it is NOT the original. WHE also copied it in a format that contains all the original information (channel, comments, etc) but we are NOT posting the video. ~ Thank you.


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  1. Please call the FBI – this is a clear and deadly threat to all activists – if you feel threatened, as I did, call the FBI !!! Remember horse activist, Kim Remmel, who went missing 25 May 2012 from near Denver, CO IS STILL MISSING !!!

  2. Laura we all got to see it today and it has been disabled so we would like a link to your saved copy so we can all call in to report it and see if the guy can at least be arrested or something happen to him for this hate crime and animal cruelty.

  3. This is what violence we are seeing on our National TV. Over and Over the million dollar question is “where were the signs?” If this isn’t vile and crimminal in front of a camera…I don’t know what else could get your attention,

  4. I thought what a smart horse and hoe my children would enjoy watching a horse that is smart enough to play dead.I knew right a way this horse and mentally ill non-human were not playing.I’m upset and beyond fury and anger that this man will not be arrested and put behind bars where he belongs.Your certainly not screening what is for viewing.

    • it was removed because I reported it to youtube as animal cruelty with the appropriate description as to why it was animal cruelty there was no reason for this to get any more views or make any money off of all of those views on youtube. as long as someone reporting it still has the link the guy will be prosecuted because law enforcement can get the actual content from google /youtube still as long as they have the link. I was NOT about to allow this Idiot to make ANY money off of that video from youtube. the FBI had already said they weren’t doing anything about it so I DID!

  5. Is there a way to come at this from an animal abuse action? It’s not like he needed it to feed his family, and the comment makes it a hate crime/threat at least!

    • Killing a horse that you own with a bullet to the head is not animal abuse in most states. It is a legal form “euthanasia.” It is also NOT illegal in many states to kill and eat your own horse. The auction tag is still on this horse. He most likely purchased it with the intent to kill it. He talks about eating horse in the article above. BUT the statement made prior to the killing makes the killing an act that could described as a hate crime. It is intended to cause intimidation and upset. I have seen all kinds of things…. all kinds of things… but that killing was intended to hurt anyone that cares about horses and was posted for no other reason. It deserved nothing less than an immediate response. I have to get back to work… thanks to all 700 people that clicked the link.

  6. He is a vile sadistic creature. And this is this the kind of people that the Governor of NM thinks is going to be working for their so called “humane” horse slaughter factories. Oh My God please; Heaven help the horses.

  7. Since viewing this video last night I have reported and pasted this video to the FBI, PETA, The Animal Liberation Front, the United States Humane Society, The Bloomberg editors that wrote the article, all the following people in Roswell, New Mexico government as follows, (;;;;;;;;; horsetalk World Equestrian News,, Huffington Post, Floss Blackburn at DenKai rescue, and will continue to blast this outward until there is some kind of response from any official that can help. I have gotten one response thus far as follows:
    Sharon Coll
    10:31 AM (8 minutes ago)
    Thank you for sending this link and thank you for your email; this is not an issue that is legally licensed or regulated by the City. The location of the business is in the County. Chaves County cannot legally regulate this type of licensing either as it is licensed at a federal level by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). You may contact the USDA locally at: Roswell Sub Office
    1011 South Atkinson Avenue
    Roswell, NM 88203
    575-622-8745 Extension 4 or (575) 887-6669

  8. someone posted this in a place where it still gives all the information and isn’t an issue at all check out the link it gives you everything you get here without the You Tube community guidelines strikes or copyright infringement issues

  9. Tim Sappington is a miserable excuse for a human being. Just what, if anything, will be done after 700 people complained? Will he be investigated? Will he be inconvenienced in any way for his hate crime?

  10. This man has to be stopped it is so obviously a hate crime and an intimidation thing…the poor horse. It should be a crime to kill a horse for no reason..the horse was not sick or injured…he just shot him not even caring if the animal was suffering which he was…

  11. People are calling the DA’s office, apparently the switchboard is lit up. The only number I can find is Felony & Administrative Divisions: (505) 222-1099 . I’m not sure if thats same number everyone else is calling to have this man thrown in jail. Does anyone know what number to call?

  12. Tiny Tim is a child with no penis, a person (not a man) to whom killing is a joy and an adventure. The only difference between him and a serial killer ??? None that I can think of. I’d like to see him face a 4 year combat vet who will shoot back. Cowardly, psychotic, sick little child.

  13. This son of a bitch put this f-ing video on a link that put my family’s name as shit!! We live in Wyoming people not f-ing New fricken Mexico!! Sucks having the Valley Meat name Linked to this piece of shit!! So all the people who have commented on this just know that we have beef, pork, and wild game only. Horses here are Family not FOOD!!!! Remember Wyoming Saves OUR Horses NOT Eat or KILL them INHUMANELY!!! I hope you ROT in Hell for the crap you did and put it on the WRONG LINK you fricken DICK!!! KISS OUR ASS form Wyoming Tom!!


  15. Shouldn’t he be arrested at the local level first? Sappington lives in Dexter, NM – near, but not in Roswell. The # of the sheriff’s office in Roswell, for Chaves County, is: 515-624-6500. It has been busy all day, but keep trying.

  16. I really hope this guy is prosecuted. It was NOT euthanasia. The horse was not sick or injured. Tim Sappington killed it for fun and to threaten animal rights people. That is sick. To kill an animal to scare others. This guy needs to be prosecuted big time

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