Slaughter ALERT!

BLM mares in holding

BLM mares in holding

UPDATE June 13: Today the inspections for horse meat are defunded! BUT horses are NOT safe until we shut down transport and slaughter for GOOD! Take ACTION to stop the horror!

It appears the State House of Oklahoma approved horse slaughter in their state, 9-0! We just got word  that this happened just moments ago. The Bill now goes to State Senate.

INSANELY the claim is this is a WELFARE decision not motivated by money. “Rep. Skye McNiel said that gain would be shared equally by all the state’s horse auctioneers and is not substantial compared to the financial gain to the state’s horse owners who are seeking an avenue to dispose of animals that have lost their use.”


This is an important issue that hovers over all our beloved equines, domestic and wild.

In recent months the scandal that involves horse meat being passed off as beef in Europe has many in the US fearful that the practice is more commonplace and even our food supply is not safe.

Horses are simply not a regulated agricultural product in the US and simply not safe to consume. Proponents of horse slaughter say that simply asking those who want to sell horses for a profit if the horses are safe (not given medications) is enough to ensure safety. When you look at the serious risks posed by substances used in domestic animals, and wild horses immediately after capture, that is an absurd notion. Horses are not safe to eat.

The practice is also seen as barbaric by the vast majority of Americans. It still stands that Americans don’t eat horse.

Proponents also claim that jobs will be created and that there is a strong business model for profit. Both of those assertions are also incorrect. Minimal low wage jobs would be created, as a product that has no real market seeks to profit. The waste created by blood and by product of horse slaughter had devastating consequence on US soil in the past. This is not a strong business model.

A BILL is being introduced that would stop this train in it’s tracks.

“Enter Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Reps.  Patrick Meehan, R-Pa., and Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. The three will introduce a bill on Wednesday that would put a stop to the pending horse slaughter.”~ ABC News.

Please take a moment to send a polite email to your federal legislators in Congress and urge them to cosponsor the SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094), a bill to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption.

Find your Senator:

Find your Representative in the House:


Below is a piece from Dave Philipps, the journalist relatively new to the wild horse issue, speaking about his investigation that eventually got him threatened with a “punch in the face,” by former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


22 thoughts on “Slaughter ALERT!

  1. if you are going to say that horses are not meant for human consumption, then you need to include the cows, pigs, goats, chickens….
    they all feel pain, they arent here for us to eat or exploit…. they deserve to be free from harm and violence…we need to stop the Slaughtering, Torturing of ALL animals worldwide including the Horses….

    • we all know all animals feel pain….. horses are not meant to be on the dinner table…. cows, pigs,goats,chickens,sheep, that’s is what what we grew up consuming…. I eat meat once in a while, you can’t save everything.

  2. Head to you Senators and Congressmen and stop this at the federal level. . Let us show that not all Americans ar e barbaric like Oklahoma.

  3. Over 80% of Oklahomans are against this, but our legislature overrode our wishes. We are still working hard against this horrific legislation, and will forever. Everyone should know this is not just about wild horses; our legislature is targeting our domestic horses, too.

    • We are all over the USA speaking out to our state governments. This horse ‘business’ must stop. Don’t stop fighting all of this!

  4. Why us this being pushed when 80% of Americans don’t want horse slaughter, wouldn’t eat horse meat, and don’t want to pay federal taxes for USDA inspection of meat loaded with veterinary toxins. Europeans don’t want our horse meat, Americans don’t want it There is such a glut of it they are masquerading it as beef!! they can’t get rid of it!! not enough horse eaters. And millions of pounds of our own good ole American horsemeat came back into this country, and the USD claims it doesn’t know what happened to it….

  5. Please stop killing the horses,they where and still are our backbone to success. Without them where woild we be today,and nevermind the fact that they have kind hearts. What gives you the right to kill them to begain with,this is there land too?!! Stop please just stop!

  6. Forward this to everyone you know and post it on your social networks. We can stop this in its tracks. The humane way to kill a horse that must be euthanized is to use drugs. Instead of creating an incentive for breeding horses by supporting slaughter houses, our government should be regulating horse breeding and providing low cost neutering programs around the country. that is the humane way to address any perceived over population or unwanted horse issues.

  7. Please take a few moments to contact your congressional representatives to ask them to the support the passage of The SAFE Act, S-541/HR-1094. There is no such thing as humane slaughter of a horse. If your horse is old, uncomfortably lame, sick, you should contact your vet to euthanize your companion. If you can no longer care for your horse, please contact a local rescue organization. if you do not know of one, call the business offices of the county you live and they can help you.

  8. Ban horse slaughter,
    All those corporations who purchase horse meat, need to spend 1 full day at the horse slaughter murder facilities.

    Mandi Watson
    Arizona, USA

  9. Oklahomas love horses!!!! its our senetors and state reps thats dont care!!!! Horse Slaughter is MURDER!!!!

  10. Please do not let the Roswell NM plant open…….. Horses are not meant to be slaughtered………

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