Movie Week: Get over the “hump” day! (Domestic and Wild)

Movie week continues with several pieces that focus on the work in progress and yet to accomplish. So for Wednesday we bring you information on obstacles or “humps” that need to be moved.

State Senate Hearing UPDATE

Yesterday in the Committee on Natural Resources in the Nevada State Senate a Bill and a Resolution went to public comment sponsored by State Senator Mark Manendo. READ ORIGINAL TEXT HERE>>>

Steer tailing (or "cola") was removed from the bill. A rider chases a running steer and grabs his tail and then the steer falls.

Steer tailing (or “cola”) was removed from the bill. A rider chases a running steer and grabs his tail and then the steer falls.

The Bill (SB72), prior to hearing, had the sponsors of the Bill amending text prior to hearing. The amended text removed the practice known as “steer tailing” from the bill and language that forbid the use of hotshots or cattle prods to an animals face. The amended text, without prior publication to the public, created some confusion and limited the prepared testimony of several members of the public that showed up in Vegas and in Carson.

The vast majority of public speakers in Vegas and Carson were for the Bills passage. Not a single speaker in Vegas was against the Bill. Elko had a live feed, even though not announced in public options earlier, opposition to the Bill came in from participants to the practice of horse tripping.

Interestingly a member of Washoe County law enforcement made a statement that currently he would not have authority under current cruelty statutes to interfere even if he witnessed the practice as it would be exempt under laws that carve out “rodeo.” Without the state passing the Bill he could do nothing.

Opposition to the Bill primarily claim that even though horses are run at full gallop and have their front or rear legs roped, all falls are merely accidents. The Bill is an attack on hispanic culture.

The audience gasped, and several members of the committee visibly winced, as video was shown of events out of state and the video taken at Winnemucca 2011.

The only video and testimony to come from an eyewitness in the state of NV came from Laura Leigh. One other witness in the Washoe area testified to seeing the practice as she was preparing for a barrel race in Winnemucca and the horses used were from a feedlot and treated as throwaways.

No other first hand testimony was given citing fear of coming forward. However that lack of witnesses appear to be an issue with the committee. It is unclear why an act must be “rampant” before laws are passed. A single incident should justify the conversation. And the conversation should be limited to the facts of the incident and not peripheral scare tactics that this is “anti culture” or “anti rodeo.” The conversation is about anti-cruelty.

One of the events where a rope is thrown to capture rear legs. Another event is where the rope captures the forelegs.

One of the events where a rope is thrown to capture rear legs. Another event is where the rope captures the forelegs.

A horse run at full gallop should never have any object, rope, pole or otherwise thrown at their legs for entertainment. The nature of the act is not if an animal will go down, but when.

From the RGJ Journal: “The horses were obviously injured, the events did not stop once and I was there two days. They were run over and over again,” Leigh told members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee Tuesday. “What I saw that day was not an event. It was cruelty.”

Even though things got a bit derailed yesterday by comments that created a large elephant in the room around the subject of “intentional vs. accident,” the Bill is not dead. It is back into the hands of sponsors to change language. PLEASE comment and ask that “reasonable expectation to cause a horse to trip” be inserted.

You can still weigh in on the issue as the Bill has gone back yet again for revisions of language.

State Senate form

The Resolution for wild horses in the State Senate had issues with language that blurred the distinction between Federal and State jurisdictions. It has gone back to the sponsor for revisions.


This is an important issue that hovers over all our beloved equines, domestic and wild.

Link to audio press conference today:

In recent months the scandal that involves horse meat being passed off as beef in Europe has many in the US fearful that the practice is more commonplace and even our food supply is not safe.

Horses are simply not a regulated agricultural product in the US and simply not safe to consume. Proponents of horse slaughter say that simply asking those who want to sell horses for a profit if the horses are safe (not given medications) is enough to ensure safety. When you look at the serious risks posed by substances used in domestic animals, and wild horses immediately after capture, that is an absurd notion. Horses are not safe to eat.

The practice is also seen as barbaric by the vast majority of Americans. It still stands that Americans don’t eat horse.

Proponents also claim that jobs will be created and that there is a strong business model for profit. Both of those assertions are also incorrect. Minimal low wage jobs would be created, as a product that has no real market seeks to profit. The waste created by blood and by product of horse slaughter had devastating consequence on US soil in the past. This is not a strong business model.

A BILL is being introduced today that would stop this train in it’s tracks.

“Enter Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Reps.  Patrick Meehan, R-Pa., and Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. The three will introduce a bill on Wednesday that would put a stop to the pending horse slaughter.”~ ABC News.

Please take a moment to send a polite email to your federal legislators in Congress and urge them to cosponsor the SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094), a bill to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption.

Find your Senator:

Find your Representative in the House:

Below is a piece from Dave Philipps, the journalist relatively new to the wild horse issue, speaking about his investigation that eventually got him threatened with a “punch in the face,” by former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

Baby in facility with broken leg, "euthanized"

Baby in facility with broken leg, “euthanized”

Inhumane treatment of wild horses MUST STOP!

As two cases that address BLM treatment of wild horses actively move through Federal Court, brought by Laura Leigh and Wild Horse Education, “human care memorandums” were released by BLM.

“This is the first time in the history of the Act where we perhaps see the agency begin to recognize that they have something of worth to manage,” Leigh said “We have begun the process of creating a humane care standard but we still have to create the defined standard and enforce it. I don’t want to continue to hear the same justification process while I witness heart breaking actions anymore.” ~ quote from WHE press release, can be read here>>>

The “Memorandums” that the BLM has put in place on both humane treatment and observation of animals are actually nothing more than a reiteration of the status quo. It is WHE’s contention that these documents were created to present to the public (as public pressure for change mounts) and to present to the Federal Judges in Leigh’s cases. One document was already presented in court on the case heard February 19th and there is every expectation that the other will be presented as the Owyhee case moves forward.

WHE is continuing all actions in Federal court. There are rumors that Leigh supports these memorandums. The rumors are blatantly false and being perpetrated by those attempting to stop the work.

The cases are active, have always been active and an truly consuming undertaking.

Both the Owyhee action and the Triple B case (that incorporates Jackson Mountain) are active and attempting real change, not rumor.


Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


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  1. A horse has to have 4 legs to stand and run on. If all its legs are roped then the horse falls over, this is no accident. This is why its done, to make the horse go down. This is cruel to the horse. Legs & limbs get broken. This is cruelty.

    Horse slaughter is unhealthy. Full of drugs. Thousands of race horses go to slaughter. They are full of steroids, Bute, antibiotics that are not meant for human consumption. Poisoning the human race is not the way to go. People who are for horse slaughter….its all $’s and no cents. Its money, money, money, that’s all they are thinking about. Not that they are poisoning people. That right there is corruption.

  2. This is cruel treatment to the horses and all walks of life. What affects one affects all. Shame to all that treat animals in this act against them. I am an animal lover of all walks of life and none of them should have to go through this kind of treatment and cruelty. I’m ashamed to be part of the human race as I see this going on. How can our Gov and sen let this go on? You work for us something most of you have forgotten! I among most of the Human race do not agree with this kind of treatment towards animals and something needs to be done about this asap!!!! When will it STOP being about the money and be about the animals God put on this earth to help us. Who are we to kill and mistreat all walks of life. Slaughter Horses for food to put on the kitchen table when you know it is not safe to eat for anyone is an outrage. We have enough people who have it in for us we don’t need our Gov and sen helping them along. I make a stand to end this treatment of the horses and all animals. I will be the voice for them.

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