Sunday Double Feature: Entertainment and ACTION

We continue “Movie Week” with a Double Feature that even has a “movie trailer” before the features! We will move from “entertainment” to a piece where YOU can get involved in the ACTION! (Better than 3D!) PLEASE take a peek at ALL the “movies” to see the kind of work Wild Horse Education (WHE) does! WHE is very busy. Grab the bon bons, the peanuts or popcorn and sit with us for a bit…. lights….

Movie trailer! (a real movie trailer!)

Wild Horse Educations founder Laura Leigh meets and works with MANY different people that take the time to come to the range to gain information. After being in contact for several months with two young women working on a film project for school, the two came out to meet Leigh on the Range. The two women were Stephanie Martin and Tara Tucker. They came to Jackson Mountain…

From the films fund raising page on InieGoGo

link to films Facebook Page

Meeting Leigh at Jackson resulted in the two participating through witness Declarations in the Jackson Mountain legal action against BLM. At Jackson the BLM tried using a small area of “emergency” to expand their actions well beyond the scope of anything that resembled “justified action” and gained a TRO to running foals in JUNE in a non-emergent situation. READ CASE HERE>>>

One roundup wasn’t enough for Stephanie Martin. She returned to the range to document another roundup, this time in winter. She came to the Owyhee operation bringing her mom and at 5 1/2 months pregnant, her unborn daughter. READ OWYHEE CASE HERE>>>

At Owyhee Stephanie continue to interview Leigh extensively. This time however Stephanie brought with her a rough cut of the film. This is what Laura Leigh had to say, “The film is fiction, but it had my heart racing and tears falling within five minutes of the start of the piece. The experience is very real to that of a photographer. I have seen literally thousands and thousands of wild horses have freedom and family torn from them. Everyone should see this piece.”

“Again, I was able to help my friend Laura and participated in writing a statement in support of another Humane Care case brought forth against the BLM.  On this particular trip, we unfortunately witnessed (among other atrocities) a band of horses being run into barbed wire fences by the BLM contractor, horses being run in freezing temperatures for hours on end and then loaded with hot prods onto trailers.  In this way, the unborn Madeleine participated in two roundups before even being born. ” ~ Stephanie Martin, in a write up on her film “Wild Horses”

Poster for film "Wild Horses"

Poster for film “Wild Horses”

Synopsis of the film: Wild Horses tells the story of two generations of women who come face-to-face with the brutality common to the removal process of wild horses from public land in America. Mills, an up and coming celebrity photographer, has just returned to Nevada after her grandmother calls with news that the herd of horses that ran on land near their family’s home when Mills was a child faces government roundup.

In the course of an afternoon, cruelty, love and courage collide amid the chaos of the wild Nevada desert landscape, haunting helicopter blades, untamed hoof beats and a bold act of resistance.

Update May 2014: Stephanie has made the “Ten Filmmakers to Watch in 2014” list!


This piece was done in 2012 to simply show one day at a roundup. No commentary, just video and pictures. It may seem long…. but an entire day is condensed, as it happened, into ten minutes.



This Action is EXPIRED But you can find new actions to take to protect horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction every month here:


This photo was also taken in Winnemucca NV, added to show speed of horses

This photo was also taken in Winnemucca NV, added to show speed of horses

There are two Bills before the Nevada state Senate; one involving wild horses and one that is an

anti-cruelty bill against the practices known as “horse tripping and steer tailing.” You can access a TAKE ACTION form and read the text of both bills in full to make up your mind and comment to both bills. Comments that just say “leave the horses alone” will not be taken seriously. Take a minute and take ACTION HERE>>>


Wild Horse Education (WHE) needs your help to continue to work for wild horses and burros (and domestics as we can). WHE carries THREE active Federal court cases and is in the field gathering data, working with other individuals from various media outlets, and educating the public and those that make critical decisions. WHE NEEDS your support to continue to make a stand for our beloved wild horses and burros wherever they may be.

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


17 thoughts on “Sunday Double Feature: Entertainment and ACTION

  1. Watching the horse tripping video was absolutely horrendous. And, because of this type of behavior/callousness that is exhibited in Mexican Rodeo, it taints my whole opinion of all Mexicans. I know that there is just a different mindset in Mexico and other countries about animals (it is just an animal), but that is not how we think, as a people, here in the United States. This type of rodeo should not be allowed in the US. PETA is at every damned American rodeo, where are they at this type of event, which apparently has no oversite such as the American rodeos have. Watched the video about the day of roundup of the wild horses too, and it makes me wonder just how many horses are road foundered from being run so far.

  2. I am weeping and angry. First I will always be angry at BLM & their contractors, SOI, & their boss until it STOPS & I don’t mean by extinction. Second, those men that call themselves men who chase that poor horse in what they call sport, (tripping) hot shots should be banned. Those men ought to be banned from any event that involves animals.

  3. Let me have that hotshot and stick it where the sun don’t shine on every person that doin that to the horses!! It would b my pleasure to extend the curiosity to the nonhuman ass** les! Tripping let me have the rope I will show them how it feels and give me the hot shot too I would make their lives Hell !! Just sayin! It so needs to STOP the more I see the I get miss and will keep fighting for the horses!

    • Just need to comment, intelligently and accurately, what you think the legislature should do.
      I know… it kills me to see people that claim to be “horsemen” act with no regard for the horse… the REAL horse and not just as a “thing.”

      • I do apologize ,I get very frustrated and mad with all this madness. I dont get it where is these people’s heart ,mind and soul? Really

      • Your comment is understood by folks that read this blog. We all need to vent…. and it is pretty incredible that on US soil we still have to listen to those trying to justify such things as “culture” or a “right.” Many “cultures stone a woman if she is unfaithful (even to a man that beats her)… Should we allow any crime under the guise of “culture?”
        (hug) Deb.

  4. I can’t believe there is horse tipping in the U.S. this is so inhumane and cruel . Horses have gone to war, helped man in many ways and this is how they are repaid. Rounded up in freezing weather, hoofs falling off, loosing family only to be penned up for the rest of their lives,or sold to a kill buyer. When all the BLM had to do was birth control. It’s unreal that we have 50,000 horses in pens, what a life. The public wants to see the wild horses, there is enough land out there for them to run. All BLM wants is to give the ranchers the land for their cattle when they tear up the land more than horses. Also the wind turbines, and oil companys. I can’t watch these round-ups any more they make me sick. Horses are so intellegent and loving , why man would treat them like this is beyound me. It’s sick. Please put a stop to this and use birth control. We the people want the horses to be free like they should be.

  5. The horse tripping was extremely hard top watch, but then it should be otherwise we would not get angry enough to do something! Looking forward to the movie “Wild Horses” and as always your videos are exteremely important. I would also like to take this opportunity to let folks know that on March 30th Native Wild Horse Protection will be hosting a nationwide viewing circle of the movie ” Wild Horses and Renegades”. They are encouraging communities across the nation to host screenings of the film and so we at Lake of the Sky Outfitters along with Unity at the Lake will be doing just that in South Lake Tahoe. We invite residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin and Carson City, Carson Valley to join us at 7:00pm Saturday March 30th at Unity at the Lake, 1195 Rufus Allen Blvd. South Lake Tahoe and watch this powerful film. For more info call 530-541-1027.

  6. Horse tripping and hotshots to the face. I am in tears, sickened and outraged. That is hideous treatment of our wild horses – of any living being… but of such gentle creatures that have brought so much joy and have worked so hard for us… we built this country on the backs of horses and this is how they are treated? If there is a hell, those men are going there…

    And then there’s the whole round up thing. A complex and heated topic. The BLM needs to manage horses on the range – where they are supposed to be protected by the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act. Period.

    Their management methods have not worked. They are cruel and unnecessary and costs tax payers millions of dollars each year. There are other ways to keep populations down. Advocates have been using birth control for years will success.

    It’s a f***** up mess.
    I will keep fighting as long as I have breath.

  7. Thank you Laura. Admittedly, difficult to watch. However, as said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Much needed the visual added to the read print. More informed. For ACTION. Yes! Continue with “Movie Week!”

  8. tripping would damage alot /shotshot crazy stuff / lets do the humans in the vidoes& pictures of this abuse plus n the KILL PENS do them (humans) same way!!! good old boys’could take over if law doesn’t do something about it soon !!!!
    All states need to stop this

  9. It`s a sin! From a distance look God down to the earth, what must he see? His lovelyst animal in danger! Pleas stop the round ups, and let the horses life in peace and harmony.

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