Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, note from WHE VP

The following is an opinion statement on the meeting by Wild Horse Education Vice President, Marta Williams.

Marta Wiliams and one of her best friends

Marta Wiliams and one of her best friends

What I Would Say at the BLM Board

Marta Williams, Wild Horse Education,  Vice President

I think it is great that so many people will be there for the press conference after the BLM Advisory Board Meeting and I hope the press listens and covers this historic gathering…

But as far as the BLM Advisory Board goes …well.

I wish I had done this at the one meeting I attended in Phoenix:

Gone up to the microphone and said,  “Since you don’t listen to us, I am not going to say anything to you.”

Then I would have turned my back on the Board, and asked everyone to pray for the wild horses and burros and stood there for my two minutes.

I hope someone does this…

Actually it would be great if everyone in the meeting turned their backs on the Board as happened in Fukushima when the nuclear reactor people from Tepco came to placate a town full of people whose lives had been irrevocably damaged.

Perhaps someone could get up there, turn to the cameras and the crowd, keep their back to the Board, and ask for a two minutes of silence for the 1,700 horses that Dave Phillips of Propublica, with help from Wild Horse Education’s Laura Leigh and Leslie Peeples, in a joint investigation, found out were sold to Salazar’s kill buyer friend. Those horses have disappeared without a trace.

I also wish I had said this to the BLM Advisory Board:

“You all have an irreconcilable conflict of interest. Either you are pro slaughter, or you are pro livestock and public welfare grazing, or you are pro big energy use of public land. But none of you is a true representative of the wild horses and burros of America. You are frauds and you should be immediately taken off this Board.

The BLM needs to establish a conflict of interest policy for all BLM Wild Horse and Burro members and immediately enforce it. In the future, No member of this Board should be allowed to have any ties to any other public land uses that conflict with wild horses and burros or any ties to profit making from the slaughter of horses.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. This Board is a travesty.


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  2. Wow Marta and Amen to that, I truly wish someone could have done just that, if you were unable to do it in person I sincerely hope that you submitted your passionate and truthful comment in writing.

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