Comment From a Young Advocate Friend to the BLM Advisory Board

Wild Horse Education (WHE) President Laura Leigh often shares data and other information with various advocates and advocacy groups to address questions that may arise. Yesterday the mother of a young advocate asked for some infoormation as her young son was writing to the BLM Advisory Board. We had a brief exchange and today WHE received a copy of the comments crafted by Declan Gregg to the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. We thought we would share words of the “wise.”

Statement for the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting, March 4, 2013

DeClan Gregg, founder Children 4 Horses (pic from FB page od Children4horses)

DeClan Gregg, founder Children 4 Horses (pic Tammy Hardy)

My name is Declan Gregg, I am 10 years old and am from New Hampshire, and I would like to see our wild horses being treated with respect, care and responsibility, by the Bureau of Land Management.

My parents have taught me responsibility – responsibility to my family, my friends, my community, my country and yes, even to the animals with whom we share our world.  And with that responsibility, comes respect.  I go to school each day, thinking not only of myself and of getting good grades, but also about others and how, through my thoughts and actions, I can help them and be a good friend to them.  At home, I take responsibility for my pets, feeding them, cleaning up after them and giving them the love and respect they deserve.  Within my community, I volunteer to help those in need.

When I look at what is happening to our wild horses and the round-ups that are taking place, and all the wild horses in long term holding pens, I have to ask, is the BLM being responsible?  Was it necessary to round up the horses in the first place?  Are the round-ups conducted humanely?  Are the captured wild horses taken care of properly and given enough food, water and medical care?

Just because I am a child, does not mean that what the BLM does, isn’t concerning to me.  Children are citizens of this country and decisions made by adults affect us, too.  The BLM is responsible for ensuring that there will still be wild horses for not only my generation to cherish, but for future generations as well.  And I have to ask, are they doing that?

The BLM needs to be more honest with the public and tell them what is happening with our wild horses.  They belong to us and we have a right to know. The BLM needs to find better ways to manage our wild horses and ensure they are treated humanely and that they are not causing harm to our wild horses.  This includes ensuring our wild horses don’t end up at slaughter.  There are many qualified individuals and organizations who are more than willing to work with the BLM to ensure our wild horses are treated responsibly and with care and respect and we ask the BLM to take advantage of those resources.

Thank you,

Declan Gregg

Founder and President of Children 4 Horses


4 thoughts on “Comment From a Young Advocate Friend to the BLM Advisory Board

  1. Hi Declan . I feel exactly the same way you do. it is wonderful to hear one so young be so wise. With the way the world is today, it gives one no option but to focus on how to help or go into denial. It is great to have your voice out there. Thank you for leading the way for your generation.

  2. Declan you are very wise beyond your years, thank you for all of your diligence and passion and congratulations on the recent award that you received, I cannot think of a more worthy recipient. Your knowledge and resolve gives me great hope for your and future generations. Thank you!!

  3. This is where change begins, with our young. Teaching them responsibility, compassion, empathy, and to become knowledgeable, involved and to speak up and out against injustice. Clearly the parents of this young boy have imparted those qualities to him and I’m certain they must be very proud of his actions. I, myself, had no idea of the atrocities being committed against our wild horses, burros, wolves, coyotes, etc., until my 50’s. I, too, have written letters to the BLM, the Secty of the Interior, the White House, my representatives in the House and the Senate, and I can’t even count how many petitions I’ve signed, shared and emailed to friends and family members. More of us need to know what is going on and not allow special interests (ranchers, the oil and gas industry, the NRA and/or hunters) to take away our rights as citizens to enjoy the beauty of our wilderness, which includes these magnificent animals. We have rights too! Kudos to this young boy for standing up for his beliefs and for those who otherwise have no voice.

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