BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting, Part three “agenda”

We had intended to post part three in the morning. Part three was going to be a copy of our comments to the Board.

Triple B. Incident that has now gained a Preliminary Injunction and the underlying case is in Discovery Motions in Federal Court. Wild Horse Education carries this case and two others in Federal Court.

Triple B. Incident that has now gained a Preliminary Injunction and the underlying case is in Discovery Motions in Federal Court. Wild Horse Education carries this case and two others in Federal Court.

However it was pointed out there exists a serious gap in information for those that intend to watch the meeting live and submit written comment. So we are going to add additional information on various aspects of the program that will appear on the agenda for the meeting in Oklahoma scheduled to begin tomorrow.

WHE (Wild Horse Education) posts on the WH&B Advisory Board are as follows:

Part One: Asks if BLM Advisory Board members create recommendations based on research and knowledge. The piece uses the Boards recommendation FOR hysterectomies (ovarectomies) on wild horses as an example. READ HERE>>>

Part Two: Asks if you agree that the current BLM WH&B Advisory Board should be dismantled. An ethics standard must be created and only individuals without any vested interest in other uses on public land be appointed. READ HERE>>>

The following items appear on the talking agenda (remember the public can NOT ask questions nor participate, the public will be held to approximately a two minute microphone time each during public comments). Information relevant to each topic listed below each bolded item:

Increasing Adoptions – Sally Spencer

BLM’s adoption program is in serous trouble. The agency does very little, to nothing, to promote the positive aspects of wild horses. The agency does little to nothing to demonstrate the unique qualities contained in individual herd management areas.

It is almost absurd to think that the public would desire to adopt a wild horse that the agency shows such little regard for. Many that adopt see their actions more like “rescuing” the animal from the horrors of holding and the threat of slaughter.

When the agency will not create a POLICY for humane handling with outlined repercussions for violations (but submits a memo that has no enforceability and has already shown inadequate) you really have to wonder IF they want adoptions to rise.

ALSO remember Sally Spencer is the woman that approves sales to kill-buyers such as Tom Davis of YOUR wild horses.

Eco-Sanctuary – Zach Reichold

Laura Leigh of WHE attended the scoping meetings on the eco-sanctuary in Wells Nevada. BLM’s current proposition has serious flaws that will devastate three HMA’s to provide an eco-resort. There are ways to protect the HMA’s and allow the resort to happen on private property, but that is NOT on the table.


Watch Elyse Gardners video below: 

WHB Gathers: Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program– Dean Bolstad UC Davis’ work with BLM – Dr. Kathryn Holcomb, Postdoctoral Scholar

It is expected that BLM will pat themselves on the back for creating a “Memorandum” on animal welfare. They spent years, money on committees and endless broken promises to create a memo based on what they assert is “accepted livestock practice.” The current National “memo” gives even less protection that one supposedly in place in the State of Nevada after Judge Howard McKibben granted a restraining order to pilot conduct (and subsequent Preliminary Injunction) to pilot conduct. (CASE STILL ACTIVE and carried by Wild Horse Education along with two other cases, another gaining strong language against continued inhumane conduct).

Another case is heading for hearing that includes inhumane treatment (and also against the ten year removal of wild horses). See video below to see some of the conduct at Owyhee:

Population Growth Suppression – Dr. Boyd Spratling, Tim Harvey, Jim Stephenson

It is expected that these men will recommend the use of GonaCon and SpayVac as well as hysterectomies in mares and geldings on the range. Info on “population suppression” methods in BLM’s “toolbox” go here READ MORE>>>

Please READ PART ONE that discusses hysterectomies.

Herd Area Repopulation – Tim Harvey, June Sewing, Paul Durbin

This MIGHT possibly be an interesting discussion. This is a tool that has been at the agencies disposal since the inception of the Act. However in most of the areas where wild horse and burro populations have been removed the resources have been given to other uses. The problem is not can they do this… but how will they take back what they never should have given away in the first place.



Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!




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  1. Maybe every wild horse out on our public lands should be killed ….then, BLM would have what? What would happen to those people’s job? I am not trying to be pose anything other than, BLM is not operating on all pistons and it seems pretty crazy these people / are getting paid an hourly or salary wage for this horror they have created.

    • I understand what you are saying… It is a question I have asked, “Do they all realize that they are working themselves out of a job?” Unless they feel that they can just move to another agency in government or program (like mining) after the horses are all gone….

  2. when the horses are aLL gone,whats done is done theres no turning more wild mustangs in beautiful shots and photographs.nothing.noda.thats why its so important to get those sanctuarys up now..well actually still waiting on winnemucca,nevada to decide on our fate..the horse n burro sactuary im ready willing and able.i live in northern michigan now but would gladly move to winnemucca, get this thing goig.more answers waiting on an answer for a grant i aplied for many moons ago..still your info laura.thanks.julea

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