Nevada SB 72, Bill against “Horse Tripping”

This is a fast note about pending legislation in the State of Nevada against the practice known as “horse tripping.” SB 72 has been referred to the Committee on Natural Resources If a hearing date is set we will publish.

WHE’s focus is wild horses but issues involving all our equines are heating up and you will see posts over the next week that deal with issues beyond the scope of wild horses.

This bill is simply an anti-cruelty bill. This Bill is not an anti-rancher, anti-rodeo, anti-western way of life, anti-culture nor anything other than an anti-cruelty proposal.

First proposed last session the Bill created an misinformation campaign designed to halt it’s passage. That campaign was successful in creating a fear storm that all rodeo events in the state would be cancelled. The fear storm included accusations that the Bill was proposed from out of state anti-rodeo organizations like PeTa and HSUS. This was not the case as it came from the states ASPCA that actually receives large donations from Reno Rodeo to run spay and neuter clinics. This bill was (and is) sponsored by State Senator Mark Manendo.

The misinformation campaign also included testimony that horse tripping did not occur in the state of Nevada and therefore the Bill was not needed. This statement came at the time a horse tripping event was occurring in Winnemicca. If public debate is to occur on the validity of the need for legislation at least it must occur based on valid information. Video at the bottom of this page to show the event.

The Bill in part:


AN ACT relating to cruelty to animals; prohibiting a person from engaging in horse tripping or steer tailing for sport, entertainment, competition or practice; prohibiting a person from knowingly organizing, sponsoring, promoting, overseeing or receiving admission money for a horse tripping or steer tailing event; prohibiting a person from using a cattle prod on the face of an animal; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto. (click on image to read in pdf format).

Currently three counties in the state of NV have a ban on horse tripping; Nye, Lyon and Clark.

Many states also have bans on horse tripping including the state of Texas, that also runs the largest American Rodeo in the nation. The ban on horse tripping did not effect any event in Houston.

An interesting observation on the blatant disregard for the law has an event scheduled in September for the “World Series” of Charreria, the type of rodeo that includes horse tripping. The event is scheduled to occur at the South Point arena and equestrian center in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is in Clark County.

Clark County, 10.32.250: No person shall intentionally trip or cause to fall, or lasso or rope the legs of, any equine animal by the legs or cause by any means whatsoever for the purpose of entertainment, sport, practice, or contest in conjunction with, but not limited to, rodeos, charreadas, animal racing, or pulling contests.

This bill is NOT a cultural attack on rodeo or the community in any way, shape or form. Many that compete in Charreada exhibit beautiful horses, excellent rope work and cultural display. It is a shame that the entire event is colored by archaic (not a representative of what is accepted in America in 2013) practices. It could be argued that cock fighting, dog fighting, bull fighting, child labor, wife beating and segregation of schools are cultural practices. Yet none of those practices are acceptable in the United States of America in the year 2013.

If you would like to make an intelligent comment directly related to the Bill click the link to go to the State Senate form:

The video below is of an event that occurred at the exact same time that testimony was given to the State Legislature that horse tripping DID NOT occur in the state of Nevada. IF public debate is to occur on the enactment of a LAW by the state SENATE than at the very least public debate MUST occur on the facts of an issue. It would be a real shame IF debate on this issue deteriorates again into a sensationalized spectacle instead of a debate on a basic cruelty law. REMEMBER officials in THREE counties in the state of Nevada already passed county laws and MANY states in the nation already have laws against these practices.


Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


12 thoughts on “Nevada SB 72, Bill against “Horse Tripping”

  1. When is the cruelty to horses ever going to stop? I pray all of it ends soon and this bill passes.

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  3. Horse Tripping a horrible practice. There is a law against horse tripping in AZ and Dr Pat Haight made it happen. There is with some people a dark side especially when they have joy hurting horses or other animals.

  4. You say SB 72 is not an attack on culture, then why does it outlaw steer tailing, but not bull dogging? It seems to me, that having a 200 lb. or more rider, jump on the neck of a running bull, then yank it back, and flip it over is pretty hard on the animal. Bull’s horn, legs and necks have been broken.
    Also, if you want to protect horses, outlaw jumping. More horses are killed in one year of jumping, then in 10 years of mangana. In 20 years, there has only been 3 documented instances of horses being killed in mangana. Every year between 10 and 20 upper level horses alone are killed in xc.

  5. Folks, Randy shows up whenever any legislation is proposed to stop cruelty and tries to bait people into peripheral discussion. He tries to turn every debate over specific acts of cruelty into a broad screaming match to create a sensation of a broad attack on Hispanic culture, rodeo and any other event that uses animals. He attempts to create an environment of fear that if horse tripping is outlawed in the state it will hurt anyone that owns an animal, is hispanic, or participates in any form of rodeo. This type of “scare tactic” has been very successful in stopping legislation from passing in Nevada.
    A very important point to keep in mind is that TEXAS has similar laws and has the biggest rodeo in America in Houston and a thriving Hispanic culture.
    If you want to respond… feel free.

    • Your wrong about Texas. Cola or steer tailing is legal in Texas. What is illegal is jumping. The problem is, no Da will ever start arresting a bunch of rich white women and their kids. The other so called horse protectors like the ASPCA, HSUS or PETA, could care less about rich people killing horses. If they did, you would see a lot of rich white people being dragged out of the Dallis Hunt and Jump club in handcuffs.

  6. Are you kidding me??? The horse tied up at the beginning of the video has no stockings on its hind legs. The horse being tripped has very tall, very obvious white stockings.

    • Julie the picture at the beginning of the video is to show the LOCATION. The people at this event lied to claim it did NOT happen in Nevada. All pictures are encoded with date and gps on that camera. It was done that way to show you WHERE the event was.

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