The “betrayal,” repost from Leigh

From the BLOG of Laura Leigh:

This clip was posted last year from the HBO television series “Newsroom.” The clip is making another round Facebook and I wanted to speak to those of you that have followed this blog these last years.

Listen to this carefully…. this is the betrayal.

“Hope” died of hoof slough (feet falling off), Calico Complex 2010. Click photo to go to story.

When I talk about the “pain” I feel as an American watching what is happening to our wild horses and burros THIS is what I am talking about. I was raised in a family where you served your country, because to do so was an honor. I was raised in a family where being an “American” was a driving force to serving in World Wars where my grandpa left a family at home who was “on a list” as of German heritage… and may have been interned. I was raised in a family that was silent when the TV blared the National Anthem before a baseball game. I was raised in a family that said the pledge of allegiance as if it were genetic code…”with Liberty and Justice for all.”

Our wild horses and burros are a lawful user of public land. Living as resilient survivors with hardly anything they thrive in that Freedom… or so we thought. Once WE were that resilient survivor… there were no “problems,” only “opportunities.”

I sit on that range and am pierced through my very American heart. I feel betrayed by my government’s lack of recognition of the living being that represents MY interest on MY public land. I watch MY interest be subjugated and abused as the rights of private profiteers over run my “symbol of Freedom.” “Liberty and Justice for all,” has been replaced with “it only has worth  if it represents a dollar.”

MY Constitution WAS based on Liberty, Freedom, Equality, Bravery and sheer Grit of those that faced charges of treason for signing that first Declaration of our Independence. Is there a dollar figure that represents Liberty, Freedom, Equality,Bravery and sheer Grit? Are we that genuinely screwed up as a nation that we that see success as more than a bank account are so outnumbered that hope is lost?

I sit on the range and weep for our symbol of Freedom, the wild horse, and what my country is becoming. Values have deteriorated into a culture motivated by a “what’s in it for me?” attitude not a “what is right?” core objective.

Yet that “genetic code” I was born with makes it impossible to walk away as those that value “profit lines” destroy our equal right to an interest whose value fuels the soul… the spirit of a wild horse. I can not walk away when we disregard obligations to honor the contribution made by an amazing being that without their help, we never would have built our history. I can not remain silent.

I believe we are not outnumbered. I believe we will change the management of wild horses. I believe America, and Americans, can be great again…. I believe that the spirit in which our Constitution was created can live again.

Thank you for letting me “vent” here. I am studying briefs and arguments made by our government about how they wont do right by the horses and deny anything is wrong…. as this program gains an attention as they lie about everything from wild horses going to slaughter (and Salazar himself is implicated) to court documents that state “all horses were handled humanely on the range,” (after 3 TRO’s by Federal Judges that disagree). Simply because those with power say something over and over does not make it the truth.

The truth of the “voiceless” must not be lost under the weight of the lies of the powerful.

A BIG part of WHY I began this crazy “ride” is to tell a story the American media ignored… one that speaks MY soul as an American. I am an Advocate… but I am a journalist at heart. A journalist should tell the story beneath the story, not a convenient soundbite for a paycheck and that takes work. The concept that a journalist is an machine that types a non-emotional, bi-partisan (bi-polar) report is a cop out. As a kid I watched Cronkite cry as our nation lost a leader. I watched journalists reflect outrage at atrocities of war.

But I believe that as times become harder…. the values of truth and honor will become things we find we must have to survive. But sometimes it can take the loss of something seen as “no longer useful” for us to realize just how vital it was.

It is “our job” to make sure that loss is not the symbol of strength and freedom, the wild horse… and that the truth be told.

Please watch the below video and FOLLOW the work for the wild horses at Wild Horse Education. We need your help.

strong language alert

you must click this link to watch:

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Wild horses driven into trap 12/3/2012

Wild horses driven into trap 12/3/2012


12 thoughts on “The “betrayal,” repost from Leigh

  1. I am sending you this because I believe it. Though you might need something positive. Those of us that support you can and will make a difference. Even if it’s one small step at a time. It is a step forward and you are doing it. god bless you. My heart is with you. Judy Maxwell

  2. i think so too your a remarkable lady.i read it inbetween the lines.and your letters.and blogs are deep.real.trustworthy.i hear your pain,read your anger,but your still strong yet civil.i only wish id of started to read your posts and letters years ago.without your words now it just wouldnt make sense.the truth rings true.thankyou for opening our eyes.cheshire.

  3. I think that we still have a chance to be great again. But if people are so greedy that they will sell our wild horses into slaughter just for a few dollars. It makes me sad to just think about it Seeing that little horse that ran its feet off! I mean come on how are people capable of this?

    • Decker Hope wasn’t the only baby who’s feet were run off that winter. There were two babies that Laura documentated for us. The first one was the subject of an essay written by Ginger Kathrens. I was so angry and upset I named that first baby Courage for not giving up. It took BLM days to put the baby down.

      Then the second one Hope Springs Eternal happened. Laura had already been approved for adoption. But because of the pictures and stuff going out they suddenly refused to let her adopt Hope. Laura had EVERYTHING in place. Proper fencing, feed, water vet. She was fully prepared to manage Hope.

      At some point in this process Laura decided no more. She sold everything so she could take this show on the road. I don’t believe for an instant she ever thought it would go this long or become as involved as it has. Laura’s video skills and editing have brought many people to tears, to their knees. Hearts hurt watching some of the atrocities we’ve seen. Even YouTube threatened to pull her channel. Which made the judge wake up to the reality that there might be a problem here. Who knew?

      I know of the hours Laura spends on the roads in NV. I drive NV every summer. But it’s back and forth, north and south. What time isn’t spent driving Laura is out observing for us, or spends hours researching how to craft the different filings. Any other time is spent editing video for us. I don’t know how she does it, day in and day out. Dealing with people you’d rather not know a thing about.

  4. You have conviction and courage to do what you have been doing. You are the actual witness and progress is being made in spite of everything that has been thrown at you. You have the fighter gene. Your efforts started bursting of the bubble of BLM’s chronic lying by getting caught selling horses (for slaughter). I can imagine the shredding machines working full time right now.

    Hopefully the public will become aware that this fight is a complex issue in that there exists a strange paradigm that being a gov’t employee somehow qualifies and in fact encourages BLM people to ignore laws and ethics, especially the severe abuse towards animals and their environment. This is the way some government agencies operate. What exists at the top will filter down to the bottom.

  5. Laura, I have only recently become aware of this problem and started following you. You are so strong, smart, loving and kind to do all that you have done and continue to do for the horses. It will not be for nothing. You/we will win. We have to because I am sure more people care than don’t…awareness is key. As well as going about it in a honorable, civilized way. Which is so terribly difficult sometimes on such passionate agendas but you seem to be incredible at keeping your cool too (-: Kudos to you and all those fighting for the horses freedom and fair treatment. We will win.

  6. I started following the atrocities committed against our wild horses and burros about four years ago. I was horrified to learn of the incredible abuse and brutality against these innocents, who systemically are being removed from their rightful lands. We have received so many broken promises of “change is coming” from the BLM but the only thing still coming is yet more roundups, more brutal treatment, more heartbreak for those of us who love our wild mustangs and burros.

    I too believe we will win, we will not give up. May God continue to grant the strength and the courage to continue the fight and that more and more people will become aware of what is happening to our wild ones. It is not an easy fight but it is one we must win.

  7. Its so sad that these poor horses have gone through all this pain and suffering when Salazer and all his buddies will walk away from it scott free. They all should in my book be hung or run thru rocks and hills by a helicopter right on top of you until there feet fall off, die, or be thrown in a small area loosing your family and being put in a pen for the rest of your life, unless of course you were sold for slauder. Anyone that has anything to do with these horses should be put away. Laura, we can and will do this..Keep up the good work.

  8. Read this eloquent post, watch the video included as if your future depended on it and as many times as it takes to see the truth in all of this that can’t be denied or ignored. “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore”. Greed is at the root, and it knows no bounds. When our wild lands and our wildlife suffer at the hands of this greed, when the sheer, raw, natural beauty and innocence is stripped from the landscape, when the creatures that roam that landscape are denigrated and treated as inconsequential, it’s only a matter of time…before it all falls apart right in front of our eyes.

    Bless you, Laura, for sharing your soulful and thought provoking words with us. Those words come from the heart, from the heart of a true American. One who longs for (if you’ll pardon the quote dropping here, SuperWoman!) ”truth, justice and the American way.”

    ~ Jan

  9. The sadness is, once you are ready with these cases for the wild horses there is also the rodeo horses being killed for money.
    Why is America so voilent against these animals? The horses shoult be respected. All of them! Like in Holland.
    Love, Anne-Wil de Waal (from Holland)

  10. Each of us, world wide, has to learn to survive as free and caring people. There is always “something” we can do to make the world a better place. Sometimes it is hard, or inconvenient, or more expensive, but we can stand together with the earth and the animals and each other and fix what we ALL have allowed humans to ruin. Like the Dr. Suess story about the WHOs down in Whoville, maybe your one tiny voice will be the one that saves the day.

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