Diamond “wraps” and the “work” just begins

The Diamond Complex roundup has ended removal operations today. Final numbers are being determined for return to the range after treatment with PZP-22, a birth control agent. 792 were taken into corrals. Originally 603 were planned for removal. That number is expected to be adjusted due to range conditions from over-grazing and drought.

Wild Horse Education did survey work of the area. A report can be found within a previous blog post here: https://wheblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/diamond-roundup-begins/ the link also has a video showing Boyd Spratling, BLM Wild Horse and Burro (WH&B) Advisory Board chair AND livestock interest for the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDoA), giving a ‘report’ and asking that NDoA request the BLM remove all wild horse populations in the state to low “AML.” We highly suggest you download the WHE report and watch Boyd Spratling speak in his capacity at the Dept of Ag. (should this man be allowed to sit on the WH&B Advisory Board?).

For more insight into the issues surrounding Diamond (including a map detailing the significant fencing in the HMA that effectively cuts it in half) see this link: https://wheblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/snowed-in-and-information-on-diamond-complex-wild-horse-roundup/

The roundup is over. It is time to begin the discussion on what actually is a defined VIABLE USE as mandated under law (FLPMA and the WH&B Act) of wild horses on the range? What resource is required to sustain that use as outlined by law? And to recognize that multiple use is not being followed when a population within an HMA exists below that viability standard. It’s the law.

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The horses arriving at Palomino Valley Center (PVC) from the Battle Mountain portion of the Complex look compromised (horses from the Ely/Elko areas look normal for February, remember this range has many, many fences). Considering the extensive over use for decades by certain users, the drought and the historically manipulated laws… the horses look better than expected. We are watching them as they transition to feed.

BLM, in the Battle Mountain District portion of the Complex that is shared by Ely and Elko districts, restricted livestock use and monitored animals. They took some pro-active action in this summers drought and should be applauded for the effort. However now it’s time to correct the mistakes that get us to these places so they never happen again. Stay tuned folks… we will have an action item for you soon.

But in the meantime 19 yearlings will be offered for adoption at the fire station in Eureka on Saturday. They say “Diamonds are a girls best friend.” Could your new best friend be waiting for you on Saturday? Do you know someone that needs a great Valentine’s Day present? Contact Shawna Richardson, BLM. Info: flyer:http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/battle_mountain_field/blm_programs/wild_horse_and_burro/Diamond_Complex/adopting.html

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


19 thoughts on “Diamond “wraps” and the “work” just begins

  1. I think it’s telling; even though a roundup is never a preffered course of action, the ‘damage’ and injuries seemed to be kept to a minimum.

    What made the difference?

    • I know that you know the answer, Lisa. But I’m putting it up here for those who have not followed the JOURNEY.
      LISA LEIGH, more than any person or group has been responsible for any improvements to the care of the Horses. Two things are critical.. Her eyes and boots on the ground. Most often, alone. the BLM knows that someone with knowledge, a platform, and credibility is watching and reporting. Also, her suits in Federal Court have been successful, and are ongoing to change the policies for round-up and humane care. Please support her at http://www.wildhorseeducation.com

    • Could it be that wild horse advocates at the trap can actually benefit the wild horses? what a concept! 🙂 Could it be that, even though attempts at conversation were ignored, that three active lawsuits (and three TRO’s) might make a point that we that LOVE these horses are actually serious?
      Thank you Lisa… I needed to get that out of my system.

  2. Another sad roundup. Will the ones over 10 be sold and to who for what ??
    They should go to LTH at least. They all looked in great condition and should not have been removed. Just heartbreaking.

  3. My heart is still broken that I was not able to adopt a young mustang. Please someone who can afford their care and has a place for him/her, step up, in my place, and give them a home. Thank you. And to all of those who cannot adopt, but want to help, please make a contribution to WildHorseEducation and Laura Leigh. Her work is so important to requiring the BLM/ Interior Dept. to behave in a way that is humane and just to preserve and protect the Mustangs.

  4. Thank you for this informative blog even though the situation in its entirety is very sad and unfortunate… so many taken off the range and the range being in such a condition. Hopefully this will lead to some proactive planning for the future of the horses from this area.

    • So many youngsters that should not go through any of this. It’s heartbreaking the way they are separated from families and herd. Thank you Laura Leigh and WHE for being on the front line, showing the truth and giving information where and what happens after. You show and have amazing devotion to them all . Bless you.

  5. The end result of this work should end the wild Mustangs & Burros roundups forever. Moving forward the only way this can happen is if everyone share this information to the public and donate to the Mustangs & Burros, so they can bring all these claims to court. The Mustangs & Burros need you!

  6. Thank you WHE for bringing all into the light and going places that others dare to travel..because the Truth is a hard pill to swallow.When people ask me questions are need more insightful explainations, I recommend your sight, because every picture tells a story and sometimes that is all Americans understand. Most of these horses off the rangeland are in good shape..well to me better than the ones in LTH pens and owner properties..my grandmother use to say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The only fixing I see needed here is for the Federal Courts to protect the Wildones from abusive situations including BLM’S unprofessional tactics..and I pray that they make sure that these Icons do not (like in the past) be sold out to killbuyers and end up at the border Slaughter Houses! Nature takes its course in any species whether human or animals..let us not be the judge and jury as to lives and dies and never be it for profit $$$. Continue to save the horses and a grateful Nation is pulling for you..and hopefully they will show that and help support this Moral Cause. Blessed be the children and Beast..not my words but the Almightys..

  7. I wish the decision makers would base their findings on the long term picture. Unfortunately, people (ranchers and politicians) have gotten in the way with fences, and policies, that have been short sighted and financially motivated.

  8. Thank you Laura Leigh and WHE for keeping us in the picture and for your continued valiant efforts. Patricia quoted some lyrics which I remember, but they went like this “Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no voice … they have no choice:.” Thank you for being the Wild Horse and Burro’s voices, it is truly sad that we have to sue these government agencies in order to get any results and to hold them accountable all at our expense, our tax dollars funding their abuse in the form of BLM salaries and paying the contractors and then the little we have left, to keep their feet to the fire by funding lawsuits 😦

  9. Thank you for your continued documentation. Without documentation, the public would be much more in the dark than they are. Advocates on the ground (close enough to see and really monitor) are good for the horses, good for BLM too when you think about it clearly.

  10. As my Dad use to say, “until you are better paid, THANK YOU SO MUCH!” What you have accomplished (literally BY YOURSELF until recently!) is phenomenal – and you continually set the bar for the rest of us just to keep up. LOL Tax return coming in next couple weeks and hope to make a donation to keep you on your feet and in the field doing an awesome job of turning things around for the horses. Blessed Be!

  11. I don’t want the end to come, but at the rate of what I have seen just this morning, of child trafficing and wild horse abuse, and no telling what else that I am unaware of, I don’t see how our Father can hold out much longer in putting down the hammer. Come on people, we were given free choice of this beautiful planet. I hate fences.

  12. Breaks my heart every time I force myself to watch what is going on. But very grateful for the eyes that see what is happening and for educating the public. Just gut wrenching…..

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