Another “no fly” day and a letter from Sue Cattoor

Fog cancels search for ten off HMA horses at the Diamond roundup today

Fog cancels search for ten off HMA horses at the Diamond roundup today



20 yearling will be offered for adoption direct from the range. click picture for information.

Today gather operations were suspended again due to fog. A load of mares and foals were shipped to Palomino Valley Center.

Please keep coming back for updates and don’t forget the trap side adoption event at the beginning of February. Think about it… what would be more perfect than to adopt a “Diamond” for Valentine’s Day.


Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

On January 22 WHE put up a blog post about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup of the Diamonds in Nevada.

Laura Leigh is a Plaintiff in several actions against BLM policy at their operations. Leigh’s actions currently involve the agencies lack of humane care standards and access to wild

horses and their handling by government personnel and their chosen contractors.

Paint falls over barbed wire, Owyhee. 4 other horses were witnessed getting caught at this same gate.

Paint falls over barbed wire ,BLM roundup at Owyhee. 4 other horses were witnessed getting caught at this same gate.

The most recent of which gained a TRO to certain documented handling issues at the Owyhee Complex, also in Nevada.

Over the last three years Leigh has travelled to meetings, roundups and facilities. Documenting more roundup days than any government personnel or private citizen Leigh has amassed over 100,000 images and thousands of hours of video.

Over the last two years BLM has run concurrent roundups in the western states in their government contracted “gather schedule.” More wild horses exist in the state of Nevada than in any other. Therefore the state of Nevada has been a primary focus (Utah, Oregon, California, Idaho to a slightly lesser degree and Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico peripherally). To that extent Leigh attends operations focused accordingly. Leigh does not chose the contractor, operating procedures, access zone or determination of/if excess wild horses, the BLM is the legal designator of all parameters.

BLM roundups are given authority through a process of mandate and land use planning. The BLM then determines contracts for operations and holding facilities has the “contracting agency” for the US government. Every aspect of operations is at the “discretionary” authority given to the Secretary of Interior and BLM employees under that authority. Each operation and facility is overseen by a web of BLM personnel that have the ultimate responsibility for every action that occurs.

Please note that on BLM’s “gather update page” they now post a “Leaders Intent” for handling and a temperature policy (a Leaders Intent was added to the Owyhee page AFTER the filing of litigation) Also note that BLM’s stated weather guideline is from 10 degrees F to 95 F.


Our blog post was disturbing for Sue Cattoor, the BLM chosen contractor at Diamond. We invited her to write her concerns and we would publish verbatim. As Sue Cattoor sent a pdf file, and it can not be copied and pasted, in order to demonstrate that it has not been tampered with in any way, we post the letter sent to us below. Sue has always been welcome to comment and we have published her responses in the past.




13 thoughts on “Another “no fly” day and a letter from Sue Cattoor

  1. She said they were herding horses above 0 degrees. Weren’t the instructions not to run horses unless the temp was at least 10 degrees? Still seems insane to me… the risk of pneumonia is high.

  2. All I need to know regarding where Ms. Cattoor is coming from is her repeated insertion of “insinuate.” She has done nothing here to inspire trust. In fact, just the opposite.

  3. How can she say that there are no ill-effects from the cold weather? Does she know how many foalsget sick and die in the pens, how many adult horses die in the pens? Those statistics aren’t kept–we’ll never know.

  4. Ugh, wish I could SEE the -Bárbêd-WÎrê- In your pic of the UpSideDown paint horse… ~ but, then: I guess that ÎS the póÎnt* ! (Ît cann0t BE seen, & has n0 place BEing there…) ~how much more “evÎdence” is requÎred of Obvious, needLess ÎNhumane~ “care/handling” «-» than this ONE* UNeXplaÎnable photO ?!?
    ~~ηєνєя ƒσяgєт тнαт ℓ̓є–Χ α мιяα¢ℓє~~(other comments are “cooling”…)

  5. If what she says about the thermometer readings in the different cars is true – well, she just put her boots in her own mouth – totally invalidates anything she says about temperatures!

  6. Cold weather is hard on the helicopters! but no regard to the temps on the living creatures that helicopter is terrifying and stampeding. For 37 years Cattoor has been swindling the taxpayers, stealing our Public property and getting paid for it, even after Dave Cattoor was convicted in 1992 for hunting wild horses and taking them to slaughter in Texas (when slaughterhouse operated in TX). How comforting.

  7. Sue Cattoor writes: “Our policy is to carefully warm up our helicopters because cold weather is hard on them. Then we start herding animals when the temperature is zero or above.”

    What great concern she has for inanimate objects, and what lack of compassion for sentient creatures. Pity the young foals, pregnant mares, and elderly horses forced to stampede in well-below-freezing weather, chased at a gallop into the wings of the corrals, as Cattoor’s letterhead-photo depicts. The horses arrive breathless and lathered, steam from their coats rising in a cloud above them. The wild horses are rode hard and put away wet.

    It is clear that Cattoor pays no attention to BLM’s “Leaders Intent” to abide by a minimum temperature of 10 degrees. It is also clear that the agency does not enforce even that meager standard of somewhat-humane handling. Sue writes: “We are not doing anything different on this gather than we do on any of our gathers.” Apparently so.

  8. It seems Sue’s concerns were more for the helicopters warming up, than the horses. running horses for miles in even “zero” degrees weather is detrimental to them, as they “heat” up and then get chilled, leading to upper respiratory distress/diseases. Inhumane is what I would call it.

  9. Of course Sue would say just this, after all she and her husband have made themselves MILLIONS off of these horses and the tax payers, do you really think she would do otherwise. They are long standing old time mustangers and they hold no value to the life of these horses, despite her trying to say she does, anyone with an ounce of compassion for these horses would stop doing what they do.

  10. 1st – Although it is expected behavior from Laura Leigh / WHE; it is still impressive to see open dialog like this so welcomed in a forum like this! Way to set a standard WHE!!
    2nd- In no particular order, below are randoms statements taken from various articles about a few past Cattoor Roundups **BLM contractor Sue Cattoor reports 122 more horses were caught on Saturday, January 16, when public observers were allowed to observe the helicopter stampede and capture for just one hour and 40 minutes of a ten hour day. ** Cattoor’s helicopter descend within a few feet of the horses, nearly touching them. Horses arrived in the pens covered in sweat despite the cool temperatures, meaning that they had been run great distances at swift speeds. Even after an hour in the trap pens, the horses remained sweaty.** round-up in Tuscarora, Nevada, run by Cattoor Livestock,resulted in the deaths of thirty-six wild horses.** After a terrifying 15 mile chase over volcanic rock, ice and snow the small foal had difficulty keeping up with it’s family and was continually terrorized by the Cattoor’s helicopter at an alarmingly close and dangerous range. **Additional footage shows one foal limping in the BLM pens while another, which is on the ground, was reported to have died due to having it’s young “hooves run off” by the Cattoor helicopters. ** Dave Cattoor, who was found guilty in 1992 of “hunting for purposes of capturing and killing wild, unbranded horses on public land” from a helicopter, and conspiring with an Indian tribe to truck them and sell them for slaughter.
    Now, It took me about 7 minutes on google to copy and paste these statements. I am sure the Cattoor’s have an excuse or explanation for each that proves them to be squeaky clean and innocent. I say, where there is smoke, there is fire, and only an official humane care policy will bring about the changes needed to ensure humane treatment of our wild horses and burros!

    • You are right, Damien. We have been following these people for years, 3 for me and more for others. Sweet little Sue. There have been pictures of her standing there with her arms crossed while babies are being hotshotted etc. She is NO angel, and speaks for the rest of the CATTOOR’s because those others are scandalous..

  11. Good grief! You aren’t “insinuating” anything – you are quoting FACTS! “Also note that BLM’s stated weather guideline is from 10 degrees F to 95” and then she writes that they start when the temps are ZERO??? Sometimes it’s better to be quiet and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove you are!

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