Salazar “stepping down,” good News for wild horses and burros

Mare marked for long term holding after Antelope roundup 2011 and her dying foal

Mare marked for long term holding after Antelope roundup 2011 and her dying foal

Yes it is true, Ken Salazar is stepping down. Salazar has been the Secretary of Interior (Department of Interior) under president Obama. The Department of Interior oversees several agencies including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Salazar will be remembered by many wild horse advocates as “the man that threatened to punch a journalist in the face.” During an interview on election day Salazar threatened to punch Dave Philipps in the face for asking questions in public about the wild horse program. Dave Philipps, assisted in his investigation by Wild Horse Education, wrote a blistering piece on 1700 wild horses sold to Tom Davis (a kill buyer) that had ties to the Salazar family, and the tax payer even paid the shipping.

Ken Salazar, a cattle rancher from Colorado, sat in office as thousands of wild horses were removed from public land faster than at any time in history. The cattle industry continues to operate with tax payer subsidized “welfare ranching” and public land has been fast tracked for “energy” projects from solar to fracking without the proper long-term consequences measured against our environment.

Listen as Salazar tells the House of Representatives that hydraulic fracking is “safe.”

Here at Wild Horse Education we hope that the departure of Salazar does not end the discussion about who was responsible for, and why, horses were repetively sold to Tom Davis. The action was a violation of a restriction Congress made when approving BLM’s operational budget and the public still has an expectation of an answer.

We await the announcement of Salazar’s replacement. Whomever it is does inherit an “interesting” set of circumstances.


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Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


2 thoughts on “Salazar “stepping down,” good News for wild horses and burros

  1. Very interesting. A good interview and to know what is happening to the wild horses would be nice. Thank you.

  2. This can only be good news if President Obama appoints someone who is NOT a rancher or an oil executive; those should be disqualifications to be SOI right off the top. We need someone like Bruce Babbit, who actually cared about wildlife, national park and public grazing lands. Just a change of name will not accomplish anything, we need REAL change at DOI, which so many have begged and pleaded with Obama to do. We now await the news of the replacement on pins and needles.

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