Owyhee is over… but it is just beginning

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The first two phases have ended… but Owyhee has just begun…

The Owyhee HMA portion of the ten year plan for the Owyhee Complex (Winnemucca/Elko) has ended.  Tomorrow horses will be released to the range. (If you want to view the release call BLM public affairs, Lesli Ellis at 775.388.1101 asap)

Phase one of the operation, the Little Owyhee, ended on Dec 20, 2012.

Temperatures in the area are unusually cold.

The conduct demonstrated at the first phase of operations has begun the discussion of a very real need for BLM to adopt a humane handling policy, not simply assert that all is “humane.” On January tenth a restraining order was placed on specific questionable practices that BLM still asserts are “humane.” A Motion for Injunctive relief is pending a Reply by the BLM and response from Plaintiff. A hearing on the Motion is expected soon. You can read about the case here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/owyhee-complex/

In August of 2011 Plaintiff Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education gained a Restraining Order and subsequent Injunction to pilot conduct at the Triple B operation in Ely/Elko. The underlying Complaint is heading for a hearing shortly and no helicopters have flown in the Complex since the Restraining Order was put in place.

“The need for an enforceable humane handling policy is apparent,” stated Leigh “If the agency will not do what is right we must continue to advocate for our American treasure in the courts. If we have to build the policy language order by order we will. But it is mind boggling why BLM just refuses to do the right thing.”

The first two phases of a ten year plan have ended… but the fight to get the wild horses at Owyhee (and everywhere a wild horse or burro stands) treated humanely has just begun.

Please join with us to fight for humane care, a fair share on the range and the access to hold the government accountable to the people.

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Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!



One thought on “Owyhee is over… but it is just beginning

  1. A 10yr plan implemented without true scientific research from non bias parties is just another insult! Only 1% of the Herd Management Budget is spent on research; On May 15, 2012, The Wildlife News published the article titled “BLM Report: Public lands ranching fails rangeland health standards on a third of rangelands assessed, 33 million acres”. It detailed results showing that livestock grazing is identified, by BLM experts, as the primary cause (nearly 80%) of BLM lands not meeting health standards. The BLM actually directed scientists to exclude the livestock grazing as a factor in changing landscapes as part of a $40 million study, the biggest such effort ever undertaken by BLM. When they fight transparency for the public, base decisions on junk research that purposely ignores the pertinent facts, while continuing to roundup our Wild Horses and Burros with no humane care policy, how can they expect the public to trust anything they say? If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be hiding!

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