A visit to Palomino Valley Center (Owyhee horses)

435 Little Owyhee horses were captured from the range and sent to PVC in Nevada. They join horses from Wassuk and Antelope, (the other 373 went to Litchfield in CA) From here they will most likely go to long term holding never to be seen again. Please help us fight for humane treatment, access to information to help protect our wild ones from slaughter and to fight for fair treatment on the range.http://wildhorseeducation.org/donate/

Most of the horses pictured in the slideshow are very young. They are now in the “system.” After three tries at adoption they will go “sale authority.

All horses available at Palomino Valley Center, Sparks.

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2 thoughts on “A visit to Palomino Valley Center (Owyhee horses)

  1. they look great a lil scruffy like need a good bath n hair brushing..maybe nails done at the ok saloon..;-)they dont look starved to me.waiting on a grant still no answer.after new years i spect..i wanted to start months ago could of helped house many horses and burros on 40 acres in winnemucca.www.indiegogo.com/akacheshire

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