ACTION stop Owyhee!

Gate used to "restrain" horse

Gate used to “restrain” horse

Take Action to STOP the Owyhee roundup NOW!

(Winnemucca, NV)  The current Bureau of Land Management ( BLM)  Owyhee (O wa he) roundup of wild horses has revealed disturbing practices.

  • Wild horses have been run through wire fences, causing horses to flip in the air and land on their heads or fall.
  • BLM has no temperature guidelines and drove the horses in freezing weather at such a pace that the horses were steaming. In the winter of 2010/2011 the Agency regularly ran horses in sub-freezing temperatures and respiratory illness was rampant in horses in the holding facilities.
  • BLM employees and contractors were filmed shocking adults and foals repeatedly with electric cattle prods.

The advocate group, Wild Horse Education (WHE), the primary group that has been investigating and documenting BLM actions at roundups, is on the ground at the operation. WHE has an open case in federal court against BLM for inhumane treatment of wild horses. The suit has already gained two restraining orders and an Injunction.

WHE asks that you join us in sending an email requesting BLM STOP the roundup NOW. Below is a sample letter and suggested recipients.

Suggested recipients:

Amy Lueders, BLM state lead Nevada:

Mike Pool, acting BLM Director:

Gene Sedilitz, Winnemucca district manager:

Dear BLM,

As an interested party to wild horses and burros on public land I respectfully submit that you end the current removal of wild horses from the Owyhee Complex.

Your supporting administrative record for this operation originally called for 544 to be removed from Little Owyhee and 11 from Owyhee. Your records indicate that “severely limited water sources” were a justification for increasing removal numbers. At this juncture that justification does not “hold water.”

As of yesterday 507 animals have been captured and removed. Palomino Valley Center in NV is over capacity and animals are now being shipped from the range into CA.

This operation, to date, has not been fiscally efficient. Out of 16 days of operation we have had 7 “no fly” days primarily due to weather. As there is expectation of at least two more systems coming into this area prior to the anticipated halt date of December 23 it appears that the operation will continue to have difficulty.

This operation is also occurring without an enforceable standard of humane handling. Many of the practices observed indicate that continuation of operations without such a standard are irresponsible. Public interest in this issue is so acute that the entire home page of the “gather update” is devoted to addressing these issues. The current listed justifications are inadequate and leave many issues unaddressed and questions unanswered.

In light of the current circumstances,as an interested party, I respectfully ask that you halt operations and re-evaluate the situation over the next year.


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Links of interest:

History of the legal battle for humane care:

EDITED to add: Addressing BLM Owyhee Roundup propaganda, What a shame the agency continues to deny issues instead of fixing them. click link:

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!


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