12-10 Owyhee

Colt roped by wranglers that could not keep up

Colt roped by wranglers that could not keep up

42 horses were brought in. Cold and partly sunny. Helicopter mechanical issues grounded chopper early. Repair work expected to continue tomorrow with flying unlikely.

A three year old stud was euthanized for club-foot (not documented or seen by public).

A young colt was roped.

Horses continue to be moved through barbed wire in the heavily fenced Little Owyhee HMA. Allotment fences line this HMA. Movement through gates is done outside public (and BLM COR) ability to observe. Reports that horses have knocked down fences have come the last three days, BLM has no concrete explanation for how the fences went down.

All youngsters brought in today were deemed of weanable age by BLM and no pairing was done at temporary.

Palomino Valley Center is now at capacity and horses loaded tomorrow will be taken from Winnemucca NV to Litchfield CA, near Susanville.

507 removed to date, target for removal 847.

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Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

Help keep us in the field and the courtroom!

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7 thoughts on “12-10 Owyhee

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  2. This is a disgrace. Our tax dollars, our public land and our being horses being displaced for the rich cattle ranchers. Horses are our American Heritage. This must stop. How can we unite to end this?????

  3. The BLM and its wild horse program is a nightmare! When is it ok for anyone let alone a federal agency to abuse any animal!! I thought the whole purpose of the BLM was to care for and humanely manage their wild horse programs but instead they hire out a bunch of bone headed good ol’ boys to round up these horses and treat them like trash! This is not ok! There is a better way and if you truly love horses stand up and help! Think outside the box and help come up with a smarter, humane way to protect and manage our western heritage the wild mustang! By: Genevieve Burke

  4. Please consider switching to a larger, standard font. This one does not work and detracts from the message.

  5. This is Disgraceful! How could anyone treat these beautiful Mustangs with such cruelty & Disrespect! Makes me want to Kick some BLM A**! Please help save our American Mustangs….

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