Roundup Reality: Little Owyhee (half way) In pictures and video

Limp foal carried into trap after being roped

Limp foal carried into trap after being roped, note rope mark

The youtube at the bottom of this post has updates on foal taken to PVC.

Slideshow of images: Little Owyhee

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To date 368 animals have been removed from little Owyhee, all from the same trap location. 57 wild horses have been removed from the range in the last 5 days. Only one day of the 5 were operations suspended early. For example yesterday we arrived at the trap at 7:45. The helicopter was in the air the entire day and we left after 2 pm. The day before was similar.

BLM IC (Incident commander) has been to trap three days since the 26th of November. He has not seen a single horse captured of the 368.

At the end of operations yesterday the pilot asked for “flagging.” The explanation was that “fences were down” with no explanation as to why fences are down. Be aware that the entire Owyhee Complex (all HMA’s) is heavily fenced due to livestock allotments.

Today so far 30 horses have been taken and it is snowing. IC is not present at trap.

Communication from COR to public is extremely poor at this operation. Animals being euthanized are not being reported to public as it occurs. Apparently the pilot (that must refuel every 2 hours) was not in contact with the COR for over 2 1/2 hours, the COR was not concerned.

Days are very cold and damp. Winds increasing as days progress. Sustained winds often at over 15 mph.

We will continue to update on operation.


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Video listed below:

Video shows intensive hotshot use and roundup that includes horses being run into barbed wire

Video addresses BLM explanation of barbed wire and shows several horses being run into the wire

Operation on 12-6, among events limp foal was taken in.


6 thoughts on “Roundup Reality: Little Owyhee (half way) In pictures and video

  1. Horrible cruelty at another unnecessary roundup and removal. I think the buckskin with the bloody chest and nose is one of those that were run through the barbwire. I don’t believe the BLM’s story about what happened to it.

  2. I don’t either Barb. I was there. These horses are hitting those fences. That entire range is literally littered with fences. I am sure they are hitting fences we can’t even see.

  3. I called and talked with a Ms. Collins out of Oklahoma about the barbed wire and the buckskin…she told me that they were two different horses and also that the buckskin with blood on his chest was PUNCTURED by a greasewood plant? Come on! All they do is lie to us…it will be no wonder when they all get fired and banished to a god forsaken place by those that look after us all. It will happen, I can feel it in my bones. Justice will prevail for the animals and all wild things and soon.

  4. Wow! Liars Liars Liars! What kind of SICK ENJOYMENT does the BLM get out of this? I believe the mare that was put down is the same one that ran through the barbed wire. It it’s not, it’s her twin. The Buckskin? All lies. Does President Obama even know what goes on at these round ups? I’d like to him and drag him through some barbed wire…along with the BLMs. And do people who work for the BLM actually condone this? Well, we all know Ken Salazar does (he who also needs dragged through barbed wire). They all will get theirs…it’s God’s plan. An eye for an eye…I want to see them all running until their legs fracture, run through barbed wire, loaded into a truck and placed in Hell. Laura, I don’t know how you can do this. It just rips my heart out.

    • what a total group of heartless people they are. look at the trama thoes horses go through. cannot they be fired? cannot someone stop this brutal treatment to the horses?

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