A closer look at the controversy at Owyhee

O2_28_025Today was a “no fly” day at the Owyhee Complex roundup in Nevada. Today was spent archiving footage and trying to go through much of the video tape. We run at least two cameras simultaneously and that is a lot of data to dig through.

Below is a more detailed version of the events. There is more footage yet to be edited.

This is BLM’s explanation of the event after the image of the paint was released. (WHE addresses the issue here: https://wheblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/addressing-the-blm-owyhee-propoganda/

note: BLM addresses only the image (released) of a single horse… not all of the horses. It seriously makes you wonder about BLM’s observers.

The route to the Little Mud Springs gather site includes a barb wire fence and a 16-foot-wide gate about one mile from the gather site. Wild horses being herded toward the gather site must be brought through the gate. Nine wild horses were being moved toward the gate at the pace of a trot, five walked willingly through the open gate, but four hesitated and instead trotted down the fence line. The wild horses that trotted down the fence line jumped the fence to join the horses that had gone through the gate and were on the other side.

One red and white pinto stud caught himself in the fence as he jumped over and flipped onto his back. He immediately stood up and continued with the rest of the group which was brought into the trap. All nine of the wild horses in the group were inspected by the APHIS veterinarian and the BLM wild horse and burro specialist at the gather site and when they arrived at temporary holding. None of horses showed any signs of injury and were moving around the temporary holding corrals without any problem. This group of wild horses was transported to the Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Center the following day where they received a subsequent inspection which showed they had no injuries.

The documentation continues.


4 thoughts on “A closer look at the controversy at Owyhee

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  2. That sorrel with the blaze and 3 white socks that had to be put down, looks like the same horse that went through the fence to me… :/ Will this madness ever end??

  3. Frustrating as hell….I tell ya Laura you have your work cut out for you!! But why didn’t they put up some of those burlap covers (blankets or whatever that is) over the barbed wire fence leaving the gate open??? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all…a simple precautionary remedy that would of helped at least show the horses where the fence line was…all that dust and being scared to death to begin with ….the natural instinct is to bolt!! Or take the damn fence down temporarily until this is over. SHOULD NOT OF HAD TO HAPPEN TO BEGIN WITH, but if they’re insist upon gathering these horses at the LEAST they could do is try to protect them from obvious harm….IS THERE ANYONE of intelligence working for BLM roundups?? Stay strong, fight the fight…..you ARE making a difference. Just more evidence of inhumane treatment by the BLM!!

  4. Because they do not care and they are commited to their mission, removing all wild horses and burros from public lands. I recently read that the USA is now the worlds leading exporter of natural gas. The energy companies want the land that the horses are on because there is money to be made! They and the politicians talk on and on about becoming energy independent and standing in the way of that is unpatriotic. Who cares if we don’t know what effects fracking has on the enviroment, to hell with wild horses and burros as well. They never mention wind or solar as a means of reaching that energy independence. It is drill baby drill.

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