12-6 two photos

Rough day. Started with a long muddy drive and the first run of the day had us holding our breath.


First run 12-6

Last run left a lump in the throat.

Last group 12-6

Last group 12-6

Files all archived and video almost completed. Winds were really strong for the last run.

Please help us keep fighting for an enforceable humane care policy and sanity in this program.

More tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “12-6 two photos

  1. Laura, thank you for bearing witness to the horses’ terror, pain and suffering. It must be awful to have to watch helpless to help those before you. Know that without the images you have shared the abuse would be worse. We are behind you, 100%. I will call my senators and congressman today with the proof you have given us to advocate with.

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  3. Laura, I appreciate your documenting. The frustration on this particular HMA must be overwhelming, and at the same time you must remain on Target, for the horses welfare. How is the condition of the foal? or were you allowed to get that information?
    What can we do to get the Humane Standard pushed from our level as the public?

  4. Time is running out , at this rate the roundups are going to do complete their cruel mission of destroying the US equine heritage before our anger and protests can fight it. It’s as hopeless as stopping the destruction of the Amazone Forest, since when have we cried out to put a Stop to it and it still goes on? There is no point in negociating nor debating on whether or not the round ups are performed adequately or not, that just gives reason to be. Where is America’s pride?

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