Ignorance? or Intention?

Today on our way into the muddy, rainy cold range for the roundup we went by temporary holding. They were loading wild horses for transport to the short term holding facility, Palomino Valley Center (PVC).

In light of what occurred the last time loading was witnessed I asked to stay and witness loading and processing. The “fall-out” from the public over the images published of the hotshots (electric cattle prods), and inappropriate use of “baggie whips” (flags), was incredible.

Two images are loaded here. The first image is from 11-30. The second is from today. Note the hand position on the “flag” in the second image.

I pose a question: Is the first image (and excuses made) ignorance or intention?


12-4 loading (note hand position)

Note the hand position on the flag (used as a flag here, not a stick or whip)

Note the hand position on the flag (used as a flag here, not a stick or whip)

Just “food for thought.”

Range is nasty. Heavy rains have caused rough going. BLM updated numbers yesterday to 65 taken as a daily. Total to date: 321. Also note that younger animals are now being paired with mares.

Why can’t they just create a standard, train personnel and hold them responsible? Sometimes it feels as if public observation is a must in this process as they can not police themselves…. it is a very sad realization.

Below is one of my favorite shots for the day…. the saddle horses coming in off the range look out of their trailer at the wild horses.

End of the day

End of the day



2 thoughts on “Ignorance? or Intention?

  1. I have to wonder how long this kind of treatment has been going on and how widespread it is.
    I have a BLM Mustang that came from the Twin Peaks HMA. He was captured in 06. I got him in
    2009. To this day, he does not like men.

    • Cindy… I agree.. My Chevy Boy is a pinto from McCulloughs Peak. He was 4 when taken, We got him @ 6 yrs.. He’s proud cut, which is very strange to me, too… Chevy doesn’t care for men, and although I’ve work and worked with him, he is head and ear shy. I don’t want to even think what went on… Also, my Kokomo, from Adobe Town doesn’t much care for men, (although his love affair with my 15 yr old son is amazing to watch! They’ve grown up together..) is VERY aware when low flying planes or helicopters come over the pasture.. What these guys go through is beyond despicable. Thank you Laura for being there for them… God Bless you…

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