May 2012 Highlights


Join us for the viewing of  Hold Your Wild Horses! Part 2: How did it get so bad?

UPDATE: Ater the video was previewed it was suggested that we make the link public, even though the piece is NOT a final edit. This was originally intended as a fundraiser. WE need to prep for roundup season and get documentation together for meetings and we have more movement in the Court to prepare for. The live link is here.


UPDATE 11 am Sunday, May 27th: Video is uploading 

Hold Your Wild Horses! Part 2

Wild Horse Education currently has two active cases (Humane care and First Amendment) that require documentation and conference. Roundup season is also quickly approaching.

Thank you in advance for helping us help the horses!

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As EA’s and RMP’s are coming up for comment I am getting questions about what some of the terminology used within these documents mean. We are re-posting a “glossary” here. Click on the image below for a downloadable pdf.

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The rest of this booklet is available by clicking the “free book in progress” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.


Sometimes you need to get perspective on where you have been…

The fight to create a conversation that improves conditions for the horses, and allows the public the access to hold that discussion to an avenue of accountability, has been a long hard battle.

We now have the Ninth Circuit decision that finally asks the pertinent question to access restrictions: If they did not exist in the past why do they exist now? That discussion is moving forward in an active case that may take us to the Supreme Court this year.

The case that addresses the hands-on treatment of animals is also very much alive. This case has been given the standing required to bring the issue forward in the Courts. We may very well find ourselves back in the Courtroom on this issue again in a few short months.

These issues are core to any discussion that may come after. If we are talking simply about an adoption program (for example) how can it be expected that anyone would want to adopt if the animals themselves are not valued? If we are talking about fair and equitable treatment on the range under law, how can there be any expectation that will occur if actions are hidden and the animals themselves are not treated as if they have value? These issues are core to anything that may be discussed.

If there is no discussion, or discussion is simply a placation tool, the lawsuits are necessary as a tool to remove the adherence to unacceptable actions. These cases have been brought over years. The physical, emotional and time commitment has been monumental. The amount of work yet to go is monumental.

But until change happens on the ground, in actions, nothing has changed.

I was sent a youtube today from a dear friend, Elyse Gardner. This video is from a year ago March at the Advisory Board meeting in Phoenix, AZ. It was sent as a reminder of how much has been done… and how long it has gone on…