March 23, 2011

” I once wrote a piece titled “My Wild Horse Education.”

I came into this issue with the mindset that the “truth” of a story can only be revealed if it is “lived.” So I set off and  literally immersed myself in the issue.

My list of questions grew, instead of shrunk, as I began to look at the issues surrounding the management of wild herds and public land. I was learning about wild horses but what I learned was literally “wild” in the actual practice of what was called “management.”

The purpose of this “.org” is to attempt to inform the public in an under reported, under discussed area that may very well be an obscenity in a country that claims to be “By the People, for the People.” Armed with information the American People are capable of making great change… together we can.”

~Laura Leigh, photojournalist,videographer and advocate for positive change for America’s disappearing wild herds.Contact Info:

Please be patient as content will change/edit often as this effort takes shape.

We can accept gifts toward our work and the attorney will accept direct contributions to pay his costs. See Legal action and Mission Statement.

Thank you for your interest in helping to create sanity and accountability through documentation and education for our wild herds.